Decluttering | Step 2 | Throwing out and clearing the mind

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Second selection round

About two weeks ago, I wrote about how I was sorting out stuff in different boxes, aiming on selling some boxes, throwing away things and putting up another part for donation. I also decided that if selling items would take too long, I'd make another selection in these boxes to either throw stuff away or put them outside for those that want to take the stuff in the boxes and bags.

I have been updating my advertisements and have sold a few things, funny thing is that most of these things were old items of advertisements that I forgot to remove. But ok, at least a few things were sold and some cash was added to the piggy bank.

Unfortunately, even the good clothes and shoes (some barely worn) had no buyers for them, I have renewed the advertisements a few times, and today it was time to start with my second selection round. Some items will be thrown away and others will be donated.

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Yesterday I made a lot of progress

Although there's still plenty to sort out, I have managed to empty two full moving boxes and created less chaos in one room. What a difference after looking at the boxes for a few weeks since I started this journey of decluttering.

The items that I threw away were shoes and clothes. Normally, I keep the shoes that my daughter grows out for the next season to sell them. Some of these shoes have been with us for two years now, and I felt it was time to tell myself that if they didn't sell last season, they probably won't next spring either. I put them all in a box without a lid, on top of the container hall downstairs, so most-likely someone will take them.

On top of that, I managed to throw out a few bags with clothes as well, these were the clothes in the category still good, but probably best for donation (a few exceptions that took up a lot of space). I also didn't throw these in the containers but on top of them hoping someone will take them.

A goal for the weekend

Every room could use a bit of extra attention coming to unneeded items, so I set myself a goal to get it all done this weekend. The weather sucks these days so besides the normal groceries there's not really a reason to go anywhere and I might as well create some order in the chaos. There are a few items we could not find since the move here, and I'm determined to find them this weekend as well.

It's probably impossible to get rid of all the unneeded items because I'm not willing to part with some items that I can still sell, but it just needs to be out of sight from now on. It's a challenge to make it happen because of the landlord's items (which are a pain in the eye looking at our hallway) but I'm confident that I can manage to move things around a bit and hide them a bit better.

Toys toys toys

I noticed that looking at stuff everywhere (while in the process of decluttering) is affecting my mood to be in a good flow most of the days. I especially have issues with the toys in sight in the living room, so it's long overdue that we clear up some toys that she has had for a few years now. There's a nice storage box we bought for her to clean up the mess at the end of the day, but so far it's still filled with too many things that should find a new owner.

I'm very happy that nowadays the little lady is very willing to negotiate what should go or not, there's actually no excuse to continue this process this weekend. I'm looking forward to the end result!

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No better time to clear the clutter

As things are shifting to better times quickly in our house, we really need to stay focused and have a clear mind to be efficient. I noticed that the stress from my boyfriend's work during the weekdays is affecting my mood severely, and the last thing I need is look around and see boxes with items that I need to sort out.

Some things can't be changed by ourselves so we can only change how we handle them and make sure other things that we can change are in order so all doesn't pile up to a huge burden constantly. I'm therefor very motivated to make sure everything is in order here.

Too bad the Christmas decorations are gone because these cute lights coming from the trees were nice to look at. After I managed to declutter everything, I really want to work on creating / buying some new decorations to make the house feel more like a home.

Time to get to work.. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!

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Tidy house, tidy mind!!!! I try to be minimalist but I still have a lot of stuff. I always think if the house burnt down would I care? No, because it's truly just stuff. The real treasures are immaterial.

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Yes exactly. You know, I think the same, most items aren't even coming along if we were to move to another place probably. Most of it would fit in suitcases lol. The biggest items would probably be the play kitchen and dollhouse from our daughter. I wouldn't even bother bringing the sofas probably (they weren't as great as expected anyway haha). So today I look at our minimalistic corner where the Christmas decoration was placed, and it totally calms me down that it looks minimalistic. Granted, still have work to do, but overall the mind is a lot calmer .. Namaste haha

Ah I love a good declutter and donating routine! We have too much stuff sometimes. My problem is sometimes I forget where I put stuff especially if it’s been a while lol. We got our son into donating as well and that’s been great. He will occasionally bring something over and say let’s donate this. It’s great to get them involved!

Yeah stuff keeps piling up so quickly. And same here, we often can't find something just because I put it away in a box or something and don't remember which one. Really nice of your son! A year ago, our daughter wanted to keep everything, we literally had to throw away things at night so she wouldn't see it (haha) but now she finally understands that she can't keep all old toys as she's also getting new things for her age and these things are best off with a younger child. So she now sometimes comes to me and says: we can give this to another child to play with :) In the end, stuff is just stuff.. ;)

Yes, how we live really affects our well being. Clutter on the outside really does prevent us from moving forward mentally. Thank you for sharing your decluttering journey.I have plans to do the same in the coming week, with 3 girls I seem to gather a lot xxx
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oh I wish you all the best with that, it's a challenge with one little lady from time to time to convince her that it's time to part from some stuff..
But, I can honestly say that the goal was met and the house is as cleaned up as can be for now. I still have some stuff to sort but it's not blocking my sight anymore, we have been working hard all day with the three of us (yes the little one was also cleaning up) to make it happen. I reckon that I will be a lot calmer tonight when enjoying a tv series for a bit :)

Good luck decluttering and have a lovely evening @trucklife-family <3


Such fantastic PRACTICAL inspiration!
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Hi @jaynie, thank you so much!

Appreciate the support <3

Only a pleasure xxx

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Hey @ybanezkim26 I'm sorry you are right, I forgot to mention that I created them in Canva. I edited that right away. Thanks for pointing that out! Much appreciated!

Wait what!? Are you saying you created them on Canva?

Yes, that's correct, I only use Canva Pro :)

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