#wintermas Angel

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This pretty little angel figurine graces the window of a local merchant's shop. She is looking out for the pedestrians on the sidewalk outside the shop, and holds a candle that she can light if anyone needs their way illuminated. I think she is beautiful & precious, and I was delighted to find her one night sometime ago.

Some people who look at the world with cold, hard logic may doubt the existence of angels, and perhaps they are, indeed, figments of the human imagination. However, so many cultures over the millennia have posited the existence of fairies, sidhe, apsaras, nymphs, dryads, animae, ancestral spirits, and other energies which cohabit the universe that one has to wonder. I think, perhaps, on metaphysical subjects as well as scientific subjects, we have only begun to scratch the surface of what is truly around us.


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To say the least we don't know or know little about things around us there are alot of mysteries to be discovered and we just scratch the surface of it

I've had many an experience I could not explain away with science so, I cannot discredit nor deny that angels may or may not exist. People may refer to them as different beings, like you say, for instance the fae, but, do they really exist? Maybe we just need to get new prescriptions for our Spiderwick spectacles 😇

I believe in angels, sis @thekittygirl!
Since I can remember, I entrust my safety to my Guardian Angel!

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This is my first time saw Wintermas angel.