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I authored a post last year (July 2019) about making most of my photography available under a Creative Commons license to anyone who wishes to use it. Granted, I am not as accomplished at photography as some others here on the blockchain, such as @axeman, @derangedvisions, @bluefinstudios, and many more, but hey... I think I get a decent shot every now and then, and I try to put a creative edit on most of my shots.

So, this post is a reminder to look for photos in my blog with this underneath:

photograph CC BY-SA 4.0 @ thekittygirl


So, what does this mean, exactly...?

It means that I took the photo ...but... I am agreeing to allow others to use my photo, too, (CC=Creative Commons) as long as they give me credit (saying it is BY me). It also means that others may edit or modify my photo if they wish, but they must share any such derivative works with the same open license with which I have shared it with them (SA=Share-Alike).

You can read more about the "CC BY-SA 4.0" license on the website, as well as other licensing options under the Creative Commons umbrella.

Why am I doing this?

For several reasons.

● First, I like helping people. It is my main Modus Operandi to be a support person, as many folk on the blockchain–Discord continuum are aware. I don't have to be the center-of-attention — in fact, I am usually uncomfortable being in that position — but enjoy helping others shine.

● Second, I am getting older (I am in my sixties and retirement age already) and have fewer grandiose plans than I had in my younger years. I don't know how many days/years I have left to live, but it is certainly less than most others on the platform. Leaving behind a legacy of a few [hopefully] lovely photos seems... nice... and "right."

● Third, many people here seem to be struggling to find photos they can legally use, even with many sites offering such (Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, and others). Perhaps having an on-blockchain photo source will keep some folks from plagiarizing. Maybe. Of course, no one might be interested in using any of my shots, and that is fine, too; they are what they are. I've noticed that a few folks like @justclickindiva and @wesphilbin and @jamerussell have done so, and it's awesome that they have!

What about older photos?

Anyone who has seen photos-of-interest which have appeared in my my blog prior to this change is welcome to contact me directly for permission. If it is not a photo which I might use commercially at a later date, I will be happy to re-release it under a Creative Commons license, and hope @hivewatchers will be lenient in my posting them again with an updated license.

Will there be exceptions?

Yes, indeed. Some of my more-prized photos which I might be able to print and sell (for instance some of my better "Old Barn Project" photos, and maybe some digital artwork) might be fully-copyrighted with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These photos will not be "CC BY-SA" licensed, so look at the mark below the photo first, and please respect my rights as requested! As I said above, though, ask and I might re-release with Creative Commons licensing, if requested.

All of the photos in this post are marked with the "CC BY-SA" licensing, and is merely a sampling of the variety of the photos which are available. Click on any of these shots to see them larger!


to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @theterminal



Awesome pictures for sure. I enjoy building my story around them. They inspire me with their photo effects. Appreciate you making them available @thekittygirl.

Good for you on clarifying the License, many people would not bother to go and investigate themselves even if a link is provided.

I vote for @thekittygirl to be a helpful and supportive 2020 candidate definitely deserves a lot more attention!

Thank you, @thekittygirl! I`ll keep that in mind. Your photos are beautiful!

Thank you. This is a great option to have as you have some really good photography !

That's wonderful, @thekittygirl. You really are very talented. I hope it actually helps with something you didn't mention - to give your work more eyes and more life. How wonderful would that be?

I absolutely love your barn photos. I find them endlessly captivating.

Done that, too :) I think I will continue at some point but it's nice to see I am not alone and others have the same ideas. Someday an organization can be found, I believe.

Yes, this is what we need and we @justclickindiva and me , have a surprise. We came up with a new challange for the #redfishrally and we proudly present :
#thekittygirlphotochallenge ( well the name is not mandatory but for now )
So all the redfish will be using those beautiful pictures from your photo library of life. So this link is going with the blogs, and hopefully the platform will be flouded with your pictures.
We hope you like it

 last year 

Oh, that is a really cool idea! I like it! Thank you for thinking of my photos for one of their challenges! 😃

I would love to use 40 of your favorite flower/nature photos and feature you in a music video with my own music, after the manner of this one here:

Lifetime of photo's sharing to others to make content easier to accomplish, what a lovely gesture. Always enjoyed barn photography you have shared @thekittygirl


Hm, something went wrong with the comment, but I think I`ve managed to send the tip ;)

Thanks for sharing this @thekittygirl. Your photos are beautiful.

Ahhhh. You are a much better person than me. I've considered CC licensing, but I've had several photos and pages of words stolen (Plagiarism is THEFT) over the years so I want people to ask for permission. I've always granted it without any question. Just credit my work and use it as you wish. AFTER asking.

This might be the right place to say that I have extensive experience in getting stolen material taken down that I'd be happy to share with anyone. The short version is that there is a lot you can do on your own before you have to hire a lawyer. I've only gotten to lawyer stage once, and that was strictly because I was so pissed at the perp.

Thanks for sharing. On way more than one level!

PS Betcha I'm older. :)

PPS I REALLY love your old barn series. That's some really good stuff....

These are awesome shots and it is very generous for you to offer them up for use! I am glad you gave a thorough explanation of the license!

Thank you!

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Cool effects, I'll try this soon on my coin shots. 💕

Beautiful captures!

Wow. These are gorgeous. That's such a lovely share.

Muy hermoso trabajo de fotos @thekittygirl

Very beautiful photo work @thekittygirl

Thank you for always sharing your lovely photos! @jamerussell shared this on #pypt

would it be possible to have access to PHC members who have given permission to use their photos on PHC discord? I use @wales and @manoldonchev already, and will certainly use yours now as well (in addition to your barn divider that I use a lot).
Thank you!!!

Well, I am a @manoldonchev, too, as the one mentioned above ;) And the gallery might not have been mentioned a lot lately, but it's still Here

I have your collection stored in my browser's favorites! But yes, thank you for making it easier to find. And of course for providing the photos!

Wonderful pictures @thekittygirl, so kind of you to share them 😃

You have some great photos, thank you for your willingness to share it with us!!

Excellent and very complete information, it is always good to know from those who know more about these topics. I leave my reblog and support here. @thekittygirl


Woo!! Those are amazing photos, thank you for sharing them free with us you're a very kind person! 💜 And a great photographer.

That's a really awesome thing to do! And you really do have some awesome photos.

Gosh that is a wonderful gesture and a great idea @thekittygirl, I'm sure this will help many still!

Thank you for your generous randow act of kindness and the detailed explanation of licensing! @thekittygirl

These are really quite lovely. I like the edits too.
For posting in the community, I've suggested sticking to certain genres to make it easier for people to find what they're looking for, but I'm wondering whether to add in curation posts to celebrate creators and what they're doing.


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