OLD BARN № 089

in The LIFESTYLE LOUNGElast month

I really like finding barns close to the road because it is easier to stop and get a clear photo of them, and this one did not disappoint in that regard. The only challenge I had with it was trying to get a photo that was not washed-out by sunlight because of how it is situated on the land with respect to the sun. Often, I will try to catch such a barn on an overcast day so that the light is more evenly-spread across the scene, but I have not gotten such a photo of this one yet.

Due to the rather smallish size of this barn, I'd guess it was probably used for housing only a couple of animals in inclement weather as well as storing tack and assorted farming implements. There is a hay door above the main entryway for loading bales of hay into the loft. The drive-bay on the right side is apparently housing a jeep now instead of a tractor. 😁

It is quite obvious that this is no longer a working farm and the landowner is engaged in a different sort of business. Below is a screenshot from BING Maps "Streetside view" that I included here for two reasons. First, it shows the side of the barn that is facing the street as well as the end that I photographed, so it's nice to see another angle of the building. Second, this panoramic view shows the entire property at a wider-angle than I could have done. There are two more modern, additional out-buildings adjacent to the barn, which are probably used for business purposes by the landowner. The house in which he lives (with its charming red roof!) can be seen on the right side of the screenshot.

screenshot from BING Maps, Streetside View

This barn is very close to two others that have already been featured on my blog, number 087 and number 056. There are plenty of fields and woods nearby, which makes this a nice area to visit on occasion.

screenshot from BING Maps

Attesting to the rural nature of this section of the county, I submit the following screenshot. Many other barns which I have featured can be seen by the numbers, and the two white balls show additional barns that will appear in future blogs. The "WCS" marker is the location of the historic Wolf Creek School which I wrote about last year.

screenshot from BING Maps

For those who like seeing the original shots, the one for this barn appears below. It is sadly washed-out with sunlight, but my creative processing helped eliminate some of that washed-outedness (is that a word...? 😜 it is now! LOL). Despite the overabundance of sunlight in this photo, this is still the best of all the shots I've made of this barn to date. I really need to get back out there on an overcast day.





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And another one is pinnen in the barn archives , this is such a sweet project

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Old decrepit buildings really interest me and ruins also...I find them fascinating.