LittleBit meets a white Yorkie on #caturday

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LittleBit, the 3-year-old Tiger tabby that is under my care needed her claws trimmed. They were beginning to get so long that she was hanging on things and couldn't free herself, the poor dear. So, I wrapped her in a towel and took her to the pet groomer nail spa.

While we were there, the groomer said I should go across the room and see the white Yorkie that was there. I'd never heard of a white Yorkie! For detailed information about the various genetic causes of white Yorkies, see the article listed in the 'SOURCES' section of this post.

The Yorkie's owner was in the shop and had brought him in for grooming. She told me that this little guy was part of a long line of white Yorkies. She also said that the white varieties of this breed are not recognized as authentic Yorkshire Terriers by the major registries of dog breeds, as the color falls out of their accepted standards. 🙄 Some breeders might intentionally breed Yorkies to be white, but the breeder had assured this dog's owner that the lineage from which this pup descended happened naturally, without any planning. Also this dog is not an albino, but truly has a mostly-white coat. Isn't he a cutie? 😁

LittleBit was fascinated at all the goings-on at the groomer's place. The last time she was there, we were alone with one groomer and one cat in the shop. This time, however, there were two or three other cats as well as three or four dogs. I also let her peek at the fish swimming in the aquarium. She had a grand time, and was such a well-behaved little girl!

I am tagging @silversaver888 so she will see this, as she is a Mom to Yorkies and might enjoy seeing this sweet little guy! 💜


   1 White Yorkie – Myth, Legend, or a Very Real Breed?

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I don't know that I've ever seen a white Yorkie-and I pay attention to the doggies I see.

Non Albino white just doesn't seem like a bad trait to me. I have seen unscrupulous breeders purposely breed albinos to get 'white' dogs. That irritates me.

Glad that Little Bit had a nice day at the spa!

It looks cute on towel

My Bobby is a Yorkipoo, and that is a really cute white doggy there 😍
Littlebit is adorable, and looking cozy in the towel.
Thank you for sharing, this made me smile Bigtime and feel all.. Awww

Oh my! My first time to see a White Yorkie. THANK YOU so much for tagging me, sis @thekittygirl! I bred my Yorkie after she received her CHAMPION status from AKC... and that is why at one point I had five Yorkies. The AKC breed standard for colors does not include white! And goodness... a long line of white Yorkies? Oh my! My friends in the Yorkshire Terrier Club will be interested in knowing who the breeder is, LOL!
As always, I learned something new from you again, sis @thekittygirl! You continue to enrich my mind!
Have a lovely weekend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙.

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