If I un-followed you, it was a glitch!

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I usually access the Hive blockchain with the PeakD interface, so I had not even noticed the new options at the top of our pages on Hive.Blog until they were brought to my attention by someone else. It seemed harmless enough to click the "Acknowledge" button to follow the recommended Mutings/Blacklistigs of Hive.Blog. However, when I did that, apparently, I un-followed everyone on my 'Following List.'

At the time, I didn't even notice that my 'Following List' had been wiped clean. However, I noticed that my 'Following Feed' was empty on every front-end and thought it was a glitch with nodes. After 8 or 10 hours, though, I noticed no one else had reported the problem, so I did. THANKS to @mahdiyari and @deathwing (two great witnesses on the blockchain), we were able to track the issue to a glitch in these new options in the header of our Hive.Blog pages.

So, for now, I recommend not clicking on those options until we know things are working normally! I also hope that my 'Following List' will be restored soon, and is not permanently destroyed. If I was following you previously and suddenly un-followed you last night, please know that it was a mistake and due to a glitch on the blockchain! 😬





I don't know if @asgarth can do it or not, but maybe he can add a filter to the notifications page for unfollowed?


This way future glitches may be easier to fix. With it being the weekend and Hivefest and holidays, it might take awhile, but if it can be done I am sure he will try.

I don't think you get a notification for 'unfollowed'. So no way to add a filter for it at the moment :(

Okay, one thing to bring to the developers attention then, a shame cause it would have been a good fix. But thanks for letting us know.

Thanks for the heads up, that is so easily done 😉 and I before have clicked follow on People I knew I was following and was like 😳 Im not following them?
Then it turned out that when I followed them again... I actually unfollowed them.
This tho was new to me.
Hope you are having a fantastic day my friend and I wish you a really wonderful Christmas 🎄🎅❤️
Much love

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 36 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Dear @thekittygirl, sorry to hear that, I hope you can solve this quickly, thanks for let us know.
A hug!

Okay, thanks for the info

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Oh wow sorry to hear that ❤ @thekittygirl! Hope this is fixed soon!
I did notice I had one less follower this morning and wondered who
it might be, then I seen your post!!

Much love from the far north!

I forgive you hahahahaha, you know that when you would have unfollowed some of us who use Gina bot would have got a notice , I didn’t get the notice today so I think I am still on your list, if you do want to prune me hahahahahah let me know hahahahah
Non offend taken

What an awful thing to happen, did notice the new buttons, fortunately did not touch. Hope this is fixed and your list is returned @thekittygirl thanks for the warning.

Thanks for letting us know.