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LittleBit finds the cutest positions in which to sleep sometimes. Last week, I featured her in an "all down" pose, and this week a very unique "curled" position is artfully exhibited! I had my feet propped-up on a cushion on the coffee table across from the sofa. LittleBit decided she wanted to share the cushion with me, so she curled-up and put her little head on top of one of my nightgowns that was there on part of the cushion.

Her hind legs are straight, but her feet are close to her head! It's amazing how flexible cats are! 😂 Her front paws are tucked close to her chest and her chin is on her front paws. She is so sweet, adorable, and sleeping so peacefully there! 😊

I have always been a firm believer in naps. Actually, the name "TheKittyGirl" stems more from my own cat-like qualities than my love of cats, although I do, indeed, like cats. 😼

Naps are a good way to recharge oneself for more energy. Aside from the "siesta" that I've heard about in Hispanic culture, much of the Western World seems to be of the mindset that napping is nothing but succumbing to laziness. 🙄 I've worked in many offices where the workday is 10–12 hours every day, five or six days a week, with only a lunch break of anywhere from 30–60 minutes. Such days are difficult without a nap in there, somewhere, but naps are usually impossible in the corporate world. I worked for a few years at one small office, though, that understood the value of napping and we were allowed a brief rest on a sofa in the back of the office at the end of our lunch break if we needed it. That was a real rarity and we were so much more productive afterwards!

Especially since I am older, my naps are often one-to-two hours in length nowadays. Many people are amazed to learn that the naps do not usually interfere with my sleeping when I finally retire to bed for the night — in fact, I usually sleep better for not being overly-tired, as I would be otherwise! I didn't need quite such long naps in my younger days, though, and catnaps/"Power Naps" usually sufficed.

If you have not yet discovered the joy of taking a catnap, consider reading this info on the science of naps. It will guide you on the basics of getting a good mid-day rest. Are you a fan of naps, too?


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Little Bit is sure comfortable! She's always napping!

Well, my sister loves cat. My sister said she loves cats because cats always napping.😴😹

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Your cat is adorable. (Also, you have pretty feet!) One of my cats turns her head upside down like that too. It hardly seems like it would be comfortable, does it?

I am a cat napper. I can go to sleep and wake up in 15-20 minutes, completely refreshed. When the people at my company return to the office, I will very much miss the ability to put my head down for a little while in the middle of the work day if I'm feeling foggy headed. Hmm... maybe I'll just keep working from home!

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

little Bit's nap is making me sleepy.

If I can be a cat I another life where do I sign? I love the way they always look so comfy yet close to their human. Lovely littlebit

Catnaps definitely work, long hours my Mum used to go to the factory "sick bay" which was normally empty. After a sandwich and tea took a half hour lay down, total relax. Sadly not something I have ever been able to achieve, I do know it works for some.

LittleBit is gorgeous, my love for ginger cats has always been. Keep dogs due to traffic volume, fear of cats straying being hurt worries me even more, unless trained to stay indoors.

Oh my gosh, she's adorable! And yes, cats can sleep in such funny positions, I remember quite a few of them when we still had cats. I really hope that we will move next year and find a house with a garden so we finally can take in some cat love again.. I miss the funny cat stuff and the purring :)

I try to avoid naps usually, but my 4yo really needs them most days, in fact, if we skip it one day because of an appointment somewhere out of the house and therefore miss the normal nap time, her attitude changes quickly (although mentioning she's not tired at all!!).. but whenever I join her, which I do sometimes lol, I usually regret it because afterward, I'm not feeling fresh but even more tired.

But I have to admit, whenever something is draining me physically or emotionally, I do allow myself some naptime to reload. And then it works magic usually.

Did I say that I find your cat adorable :) lol

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I am a huge fan of naps, just like you, not minding the hours I take napping, I sleep at my normal time at night. Most persons can't really sleep after taking a nap in the day but I'm happy its a different case for me

Little Bit has the posture down precisely right. :)

Sam is currently curled up like a sled dog because it is cold in my house (I don't have central heat). It's not really cold, though, else he'd have his tail over his nose rather than under :)

I am a huge believer in naps. So much so that some days I take two. I am of course retired and can take my naps PDR (per daily requirement). I almost never sleep over an hour and often 15 to 20 minutes will take care of me.

Thanks for another great look at Little Bit and justification for my naps. Greatly appreciated.

Wow I cat nap every afternoon if I can. Lazy AND good for me!

Wow I cat nap every afternoon if I can. Lazy AND good for me!

Little Bit is so sweet! I do like kitties! They are always so affectionate! That looks like a comfy position.

I am not a napper and it has nothing to do with not wanting to give it a try. I am actually more tired if I have napped. Even when the kids were babies. I am not wired that way.

I lived in Italy and Spain and was the odd man out with siestas. ;) Maybe someday? I find that I am rarely tired and feel well-rested after sleeping.

I will be checking out the link! Thank you!!

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