A NI(e)CE Visitor - Photography

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My niece came visiting again. ;) It was stoked. She came with my sister, her mum and she came as any visitor should, stacked with goodies. The thing I was more excited about was that now I had a muse now. I had a subject for my photography after so long. I haven't still being going out, partially due to covid so I have always tried to be creative with things around me.


DSC_0015 1.jpg


I have taken so much portrait of her, but to be fair, you can't really get enough of this gem. I had her bring her little seat and told her to feel comfortable, she did alright:). She got a bit distracted in the second photo. Her mum was trying to make her still and get her act together. Don't worry I said, I have got a fast shutter on. I usee my Nikon D3200 in shooting this with my 55-200mm zoom lens.


Family is very important to me...This post made me miss my niece who lives in Finland, a long way from Australia. Nice one mate, I'm glad you got to spend some time with her.