The game of light and darkness

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I woke up at eight in the morning when I took a bath in the bitter cold and strengthened myself a little to go to work mentally. From then on, after working at a work place, I went there and finished my work and left for home at eight o'clock at night. I am having a really hard time outside the house for a long time.For the time being I have become accustomed to this rule and now the reality is telling me what life is all about. However, I am now trying to sort myself out.

After working all day and returning home in the evening with a tired body, I was sitting in the middle of the car on the way and after a while, after a short journey, suddenly the engine of the car got into trouble, so it was cold again All in all, it was a frustrating time.Although I was a little angry with myself but there is nothing to do because there is no car in the vicinity of the place where the car engine problem and empty space.After sitting inside the car for a while, I finally got out of the car and tried to see what really happened and I told the driver to try a little and fix everything as soon as possible because I have to go home.
It was as cold inside the car but outside it was not very cold because in fact the car was moving which caused the wind to blow but when I got out of the car I saw the secluded environment all around only the lamppost lights burning and trying to introduce myself to a little different experience.I tried to walk a little way and it felt good in the dark. All in all, my annoyance was gone and I was trying to make myself feel different.
Anyway a little later the driver is calling me and when I come back I see a dog walking under the lamppost I don't know what he is doing but the scene took my eyes off and I tried to take a photo of that moment and finally the car engine is right Done and I went home.20201106_18215401.jpeg


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