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Good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone is well and I wish everyone a good time.Since it is an international platform, people from many countries write here and I have a good relationship with people from many countries, but the most interesting thing is that time is very different here because I am here from morning to afternoon. When I have afternoon here, morning elsewhere.

Honestly, there is a lot of time difference here and that is why I often have a little problem chatting in Discord because when I say morning, many people say it is afternoon, but it is fun for me a lot of the time.Today was my half working day and now I am spending time at home with my family and the funniest thing is that on a half working day we only have four hours of work then the holidays and the next day we are all off that weekend I have a good long time.
The weather was fine when I was resting from work today but after noon the weather took a different turn because suddenly black clouds had accumulated in the sky and it was raining all in one damp weather.Honestly we working people can't give much time to family because of our professionalism.But I don't want to miss such a moment so I told my darling that we can spend our time in such a beautiful way.
Today after a long day we made coffee together and the two of us sat on the balcony for a long time and saw the beauty of nature and drank coffee. It was a wonderful moment and we spent the whole afternoon on the balcony and there was a lot of air in the balcony Our minds have become lighter.20200909_11061501.jpeg



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