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How busy everyone in this city is, everyone is busy preparing themselves.In the midst of all this, there are some people who don't like to prepare themselves very much and if they try harder, people will make them known.After a long time, I spent time with a different person today and the moment I spent with him will be remembered for a long time.

In fact, there is no fun in life if there are no exceptions.The man I am talking about is named Azadul.When I went to the village market this evening, I saw a gentleman sitting in a tea shop in the village market singing folk songs to himself.Honestly, I'm more interested in folk music than ever before, so my vision goes there and I go to the tea shop on my own.But everything is different from what I thought when I saw it in reality and I was not ready for it at all.In fact, in the time that is going on, people don't listen to wisdom very much. I thought maybe an old man is singing, but I don't see a very young boy sitting and singing in his own mind.
I believe that folk songs are the songs of the soul of the mind which people often have for their own peace and people who sing a lot of love really have great respect for the song so I was trying to listen to the song.When the song was over, I went out on my own and tried to talk to him and drink tea. I finally had a nice time because I would never hear such a folk song in this rural environment.Then through a short introduction a sincerity was formed between us and I believe this sincerity will stay with us for a long time and my fairly good conversation with him is that we both got to know each other and I talked to him one more time I will sit with him and listen to his songs.By the way this evening was cut short for me and I am grateful for such a moment in my evening I am feeling lighter than myself after so long .There was respect for that Azadul Bhai and his songs.Due to lack of time I couldn't make a video of his song today but friends promised to try it to share the video of his song with you next time and show me why I was fascinated.20200902_203728.jpg


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