A small gift from me and good morning to everyone

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I hope everyone is well. I wish everyone a good day. I just sipped my cup of coffee and thought I would do something for my friends.Since this is a virtual site, nothing can be done directly, so I thought I would do something for virtually everyone and then I came up with an idea after thinking hard and that is that I want to wish some of my friends good morning through my beautiful flower photography.

I know all people like flowers and since white flowers are everyone's choice because white is a symbol of peace.I wish all my friends to be at peace, the sorrows and misfortunes of everyone's life to be over, and the best of times to come, and the best of luck to all.
After coffee in the morning, when I go out to work, today I see that I do not have a car, I walk a little way to find another car.Since I have been in the village for some time now, I am commuting to the office from the village.This morning the weather is very good because the sun is shining brightly in the sky, when I was walking along the village path looking for a car, I saw a beautiful flower blooming in a place by the side of the road. So I tried to take pictures with my phone camera.
In fact these flowers are very well known in our area and anywhere these flowers grow trees and flowers bloom so these flowers are naturally well known.One of the characteristics of these flowers is that they are very beautiful to look at and bloom in the middle of the green leaves so all in all these flowers carry a different beauty.White is a really wonderful color combination with green.Anyway friends, for the time being, I wish you all a good morning and a small gift from me. I wish you all the best and good health. Thank you .20200905_09502401.jpeg


Good morning to you. You may be working although the weather sounds good and I wish you a very nice day and weekend ahead.

feeling blessed my dear friends. have a nice day enjoy your time. stay safe and happy. 😊

Thank you, I appreciate your kind blessings.


Thank you for publishing it to the PHC community feed!
Compliments of the PHC founder @jaynie...

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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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