Market Friday- Trip to a Hardware store during the lockdown

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Happy Market Friday guys!

Market Friday is initiated by @dswigle. Where you can showcase your experience of a market encounter.

This was my experience. Me and my dad had to go to the nearest hardware store to buy stuff for my toilet and shower. My toilet had a problem where there was no water intake that's coming from the main pipeline. My dad showed me that the gate valve was blocked. We went to this hardware store called PINES ELECTRICAL & General supplies.


We went there at around 8:30 am so there wasn't that much people. As soon as you see the store you'll see markings on the floor. These markings are for maintaining social distancing


That's my dad buying the items that we needed.


They were selling different kinds of items for plumbing and electrical work.





My dad also bought a a light bulb, they were testing it to show how bright it was and if it was working.


These were the signs that they made to encourage social distancing. When I was reading it, I wanted to change and reword it. Like COSTUMERS to Customers and the OBSERVED Social Distance to Please Observe Social Distancing.



The owner of this Hardware was kind enough to give us a 10 percent discount when we bought our items. I guess, this is the new normal right now. You'll see everyone in masks and doing their best to observe social distancing. It's actually a fun experience to go out again seeing how everything is working now. I just missed the outdoors but it's always important to take precaution because it's better to be safe than sorry.



Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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Excellent! What a great post! I really like the way you lay out your post and write your story. I am so sorry about the problems with the bathroom fixtures. But, good thing you have a dad who can fix it!

I like their method and glad to see it is working for them. Happy people are able to get out, but, the new normal will take some time to get used to. A little OCD? Wanting to rewrite their sign. LOL This was awesome! Thanks for being a part!

Thank you so much for taking the time to join the challenge! I appreciate the love and support you are giving to #MarketFriday! Without you and people like yourself, I wouldn't be able to have such a successful challenge! I know that at this time, it is harder to find something to fit the challenge. On a good day, it takes a lot of time and effort to be part of, so it means a lot to me that you participate. I hope you know that there is great latitude in what Market means. It can be typical of where you shop for food, or it can be a unique place that you visit. Thank you again for being a part of all this and I hope that you will, indeed, have a great day and week ahead! If you or any of your friends are in doubt about how to participate, this should clear it all up!

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Thank you so much for all your compliments. Oh don't worry as soon as we got home we were able to fix it.

Yeah, it's actually nice to see people going around. I guess we just have to adapt to this new normal. It kinda sucks that we couldn't do our normal activities anymore. I hope in time it will end soon.

Thanks for hosting this again and have a great day!

We aren't even at the new normal yet. I am anxious to get there. I am happy you got to fix it right away. I think activities will slowly return, just like any other virus.

I just would like the vaccine to be in place.

My pleasure and have a great day!

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I'm also from the Philippines and your hardware store looks just like the ones we have here (except for the really big ones). The only difference is that all the hardware stores have plastic covering the counter to prevent infection from covid19. Is this in Ilocos? I was reading one of the signs and I saw the word "awanti". We used this (me and my friends) with the street word for money which is datung. So when we say awanti datung it meant I have no money.

Hello po. That's nice to hear from another kababayan. Come to think of it, I wonder why they don't have any plastic cover covering their counter. Thanks for pointing that out. This is in Baguio po. How they used the "awanti" in their sign was no Cutting in line. Oh cool, thanks for teaching me that word datung, just curious where did it come from? Thanks for dropping by and stay safe always

Baguio! I miss this place so much. 2006 was my last visit there. That explains the use of awanti. I think there are a lot of Ilocanos there. I really don't know the origins of the term datung but this was so popular at that time circa the '80's and 90's. But I rarely hear it anymore.

Wow, it's been a long time ever since your last visit. I hope that you'll be able to visit here soon. Yes, there are a lot of Ilocano's here. Ilocano is like the main dialect here. Oh, cool that's nice to know, adding another word to my vocab hehe.

Thanks again for dropping by and stay safe always