Market Friday: Buying Medicine and Experiencing a Kind Act

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Good day guys!

My dad asked me to buy telmisartan for him. It's his maintenance drug to lower his high blood pressure. I went to a pharmacy called Curamed located at General Luna Road.
There's a huge plastic barrier to protect the staff just in case someone who they are transacting with has Covid 19. There's actually a bench where you could sit while waiting for my turn to buy some meds. The nice thing about this establishment is that the counters are far from each other to practice social distancing.


When It was my turn I noticed that there are a lot of infographics about the coronavirus telling us about it, the symptoms and how to avoid it.


They were also strict. This sign says no Face mask no Transaction. The transaction was just fast and I was able to buy his medicine.


As I was walking back to the car. I reached out for my pockets to get my ID, and I didn't notice that I dropped some cash. The lady on the photo that was carrying a blue hand bag called my attention, told me that I dropped my cash and returned it to me. My mind during that experience was saying she's so kind.

This was what I dropped 50 Php that's like equivalent to 4.5 hive if I invest it. It really felt good that there are still a lot of kind people in this world despite what's happening with the world right now. I just hope and pray that this pandemic will end soon so we all can get back to our normal lives.


Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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Good to meet a kind person along the way. Remember most people in the world have good hearts! Its just that the smaller percentage tend to get more notice... :)

I really love what you said and I agree with you. I hope to meet more people like that. THanks for dropping by, stay safe always

I hope you were able to avail of the senior's discount for your dad's meds. That's almost 30% off including VAT. Most drugstores and any store right now for that matter have plastic covers that separate customers from the sellers across the counters. I think this is the new normal. At least you did not have to wait long to complete your transaction. God bless the person who returned your money. It is seldom you get to meet one.

Happy you made it for this week's Market Friday. At least someone we know will not be disappointed :)

I was actually able to get a discount but to be honest that drugstore was expensive. You are right, this is the new normal already, makes me miss our years pre covid. I just hope that this pandemic will end soon. I really feel bad for our country, It just keeps on increasing daily.

I was really lucky when she was the one behind me who saw the money that I dropped. I hope that there would be more people like her.

Thaank you so much for all your support and kind comments. May you stay safe always po

Everyone is starting to realize this virus is serious enough to warrant wearing a mask when going outside of the home, good to see strict adherence procedures in place.

What a wonderful feeling when you meet kind honest people, yes there are still people even during hard pressed times that would rather help.


We should always think of the others when dealing with this virus because we don't want to end up bringing it to our family and friends especially the ones who have co morbidities or a weakened immune system.

I also thought that people would only think about themselves during this time, but I was lucky enough to meet someone who is really kind.

Thank you so much for dropping by, Stay safe always

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That was so kind of that woman to return the money or at least call your attention to it. I have to agree, I believe most people have good hearts, it is just that we give more attention to those that don't.

Let me ask you a question... would you have given it back to her, had the roles been reversed? I don't even have to ask that because I know you would. Because it is the right thing to do AND because it feels good to do something kind.

I am glad that you wear a mask. Although you might be comfortable, others aren't, and if something that small gives them peace of mind, I will do it just for that. I am glad you got your dad's meds. Some of the meds here in the states had to be switched as they had trouble getting them. This too shall pass. But not soon enough for me!

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Oh yes, if the roles has been reversed I woiuld give it back also. I know how hard it is to earn right now hehe. Wow, you actually know me already. It really feels good do to good things.

I hope that the situation in the States would be better. You're right this too shall pass lets just do our best keeping safe and staying alive. Thanks you so much again for hosting this. Stay safe always!

You can tell a good person without even meeting them. It does feel good to do something that is right. I hope it gets better soon. People don't believe they will ever get it.

Until it does.

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