Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble- Very Stormy Monday

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A very good morning to all of you lovely Hivers out there! Welcome to this mornings edition of the....


I'll have the team do the cleaning and servicing of gear in the morning and then take the afternoon off. Makes no sense them hanging around with nothing constructive to do in miserable weather. Go home and make babies or something. perfect weather for that.


I'll hold the fort and get a few little hive projects up and running. Make a start on some posts and keep em saved for the future.
The tropical storm should have moved far enough away by Wednesday that we won't be experiencing much of its outer influence. I am pretty sure the Coastguard will cancel diving tomorrow anyway as they tend to play it safe these days after a few ferry disasters the other year.


Hmmm I think I will send one of the team out for cheesecake to go with my coffee. That should turn my frown upside down for real!!





It's been a couple hours since you posted this and I'm curious...Did you get cheesecake.

Yes, that's what captured my focus in this post. Lol

yup, was lush. Washed down with black coffee. Simply the best

Nice one! I was only saying to Faith last week that I'd like to make a baked cheese cake one of these days. I've never made one from scratch although I've had so much experience in eating them...I'll probably ace it. Lol.

do it! It's such a guilty pleasure cheesecake and coffee . I don't usually do breakfast but when I do thats what I love to do. occasionally doughnuts and coffee. Also awesome

If I make one I'll do a post on it...It might make a few laugh if I mess it up!

:) cheeesecake mmmm. i want to see if I can get my missus to do chicken livers cooked in whisky with dumplings as a post. That woman is a genius

I've never eaten chicken livers, but cooked in whiskey...Sounds like a thing. 👍

happened by accident as she used to cook them in sherry but we didn't have any. I came home and started to tuck in and was wow this is amazing. What did you do different. She said I used whisky. I said wow its amazing. Then I had a moment and said " which whisky did you use?" She said the red bottle . Breathe sigh of relief as that was a bottle of johnnie walker red someone gave me and she hadn't used the single malt. Phew

scallops with chilli in vodka also works ;)

save me some cheesecake

there was only one mini one and thats gone now. Nom nom