Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble- State of Recovery

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A very good morning to all of you lovely Hivers out there! Welcome to this mornings edition of the....


Was really good to be able to have a proper send off for P-Dog as many have simply melted away and not been able to really have that ability to celebrate a time spent here with those that matter due to the restrictions and closures etc. I wish him well. He's been loyal and hardworking and generally had my back which I really respect. Will miss the talkative mofo haha.


In other shocking news the little kitten escaped yesterday and we have no clue where the little fella came from or has now gone to. Nobody either side of us seems to know about any little kitties so we are at a bit of a loss as to what happened. Hope the cute little fella is ok. Would be cool to see him back.






Damn! Are people leaving you one by one? Even little kitty didn't hang around 😟

yup its a slow slow exodus. I think it will continue. @diveratt will be leaving in Dec too. The thing is as these people leave they have no idea when they will be allowed to return as no decisions have been made as to when foreigners will be allowed into the country. Strange times

Things to do people to see Mate, I really would prefer to stay.

I'm wondering how Biggy is going. He left a while back?

I spoke to his other half yesterday. Seems busy doing some building work. I've not seen him online at all since hes been back

He must be busy. I hope he's well, getting after it and living life.

You'll be the last man standing?

I believe so. Not enjoying this slow exodus one bit

Seems a little sad. I have the impression it's been a really happy place, in the main, and one where camaraderie was/is the order of the day. A pity to see its decline.

yup, it was very much a vibes place where we had a massive amount of repeat customers all the time. There was never a week without people who had not been here before. Always felt like a massive extended global dive family. The whole town is unbelievably dead at the moment. Ido my best to stay as positive as possible but the slow days at the shop are killing me. We are in October now and from what we are hearing it's looking like 2nd half of 2021 before anything resembling normality returns and thats just their hopeful guess. Sad time indeed

I'm not surprised to hear this. Same here really and I heard some border reopening's between States will be delayed, maybe not even before Christmas. I've maintained for a long time that the real pain of this situation will not come for a while...It'll come though.

Keep your spirits up mate, you know how, and voice it if you have to.