A fruit in abundance!

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A tree that is supposed to give suckers only produces leaves and the few suckers it does grow damaged very quickly for some strange reason, but the advantage it gave us was abundant shade.

After a while my father-in-law had a great idea, to plant a bush of passion fruit so that it would become entangled between the entire tree, so he tied it with a wire rope and from the ground to the tree at the top.

and so little by little it was climbing and after a while the whole tree was already entangled with the passion fruit.

After that and the rest was to see how little by little it began to bear fruit, quite abundant and with beautiful patches, it has already been about 4 months and has been harvesting and harvesting, so much so that we give patches to those who visit us or even them we take patches to our relatives.

My wife has taken the initiative to make creamy parchita ice cream for sale since we should not worry about the raw material 😄 and I think I will be one of her first customers 😂😂

Photograph taken with my Huawei Honor 7x phone.


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