I Became The Last Man Standing On Hive

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So far so good, hive has been great in many ways. There have been many proofs that hive has a lot to offer, way beyond finance. However, it seems so funny but normal if I tell you that as of now, I happen to be the last man standing here on hive among my friends who came to the blockchain together with me.

Like I have shared before, I came to know about Hive, then called steemit, three years back but never understood anything about the world of crypto, which bugs me and made me quit the blockchain in a hurry. And after some years later, when I came to get used to crypto due to conditions or circumstances surrounding the unavailability of PayPal in my country, I rejoined Hive.

The day I joined, I came in with two people. I had told them about the blockchain and how it operates (though my understanding of whatever Hive is was very limited by then, but I did my best and I am sure I did a good job). We had gone to the feeds/home page of hive.blog and saw huge amount cash dropping in on a single post. And the next post after that. And the next after that. For me, I love writing. It has been a passion. I thought of the same for them as well. Maybe I was wrong because things took a drastic turn that tested everyone's patience and passion.

The first post we all made, introduction post to be precise, it was like we all should cry. They all came back with very few cents and this got to us because we were seeing introduction posts making it huge on that little payout space and we began wondering what the hell was going on. And after that, we made another post which became worst in payout and not no cent at all. At this point, one of us became furious and was like, "shit! Can't they at least read the post! Or will they all say they didn't see?". The other manage to get a follow, but he wasn't interested as all his hopes was go see the dollars counting. I told him if I had that follow he had gotten, I would have been satisfied with the progress of my post for the day. But it was like I was singing music to his ears.

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After that, they both quit Hive. And each day we come across each other, they will always ask me how my business is doing. They were referring to Hive and in a mocking way. I will always tell them it's growing! I became the last man standing to remain on hive after they were all gone.😁

After I had done some little engagement and few weeks after that, yesterday I met with one of them who asked the usual question, how was my business? And I gave the usual answer. He decided to go through my post and was shocked with what he came across. The votes and Engagement I have received so far from hive wasn't something he was expecting. And to top it all, I had gotten to 56 reputation!

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He was really upset with himself and had regretted leaving the blockchain in the first place. And just like that, he rejoined 💥. He made a post but the post didn't pay. It was like old times but I didn't see any sign of giving up in him this time. He made a post today and was about to comment when his resources credit went so low as he had Zero Hive power. I took pity on him and delegate some Hive power to him. Now, I am patiently waiting for the other one to come around.
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Thanks for the actions taken. Really appreciated

They should learn from you man, it isn't easy anywhere and certainly not on hive. I'm glad for where you come so far. Like I said, I see myself in you. Successful in the long term

Thanks for your heartfelt comment and feedback. I am always thrilled to see you comment on my post.

Really appreciated 🥂

It's my pleasure big man

You know? All those cliches you have heard all your life? There is some truth to them :)

Get in line, stay in line. You just have to give the process a chance and for all but a very limited few it takes time.

You can't go anyplace if you don't take the first step.

I could go on, but I'm sure you already get it. I'm really pleased that you stuck and now are seeing some success! Thanks for sharing this, made my day.

Yea, I get it all correctly. And I am glad my piece of testimony has made your day. I wouldn't have asked for nothing more.🥂

Great read and motivating!

Thanks a lot for the wonderful Comment. It means a lot🥂

Hi @rollin$hive,

This is marvyinnovations. I was feeling very,very proud to be a HIVEian.

They mocked at you, but you went on undeterred.
They laughed at you, still, you went on...
Then, they realized,
Then, he rejoined.....
Then, he was struggling...

First, tears came out of my face. Then, Hope arose in my mind. Then, my face is all smiles, all the emotions followed each other within a few moments.

Tears came because your larger-than-life MIND is GREAT.
Hope arose because #Hive needs more and more INSPIRING #Hiveians like you!
Smile blossomed from my face because i am seeing the BRIGHT AND PROSPEROUS FUTURE OF #HIVE THROUGH YOU.


Wow! This is really poetic and graceful 🥰. I am very grateful for all you have said and for really understanding the in-depth message of the post.Yes, i was underated. Pushed off. Kicked like a ball. But they later realize when they say massive changes. And I had to help! It all because of love and I believe and want them to rise to the ashes as well.

Thanks a lot for the kind words. #hive has as well done a lot for me and I hope to return the favor in every way i could.

#Hive Five from Nigeria 🇳🇬 to you!🥂

Welcome Mr. @rollinshive,

Thank you so much for the nice compliment.

Loads and loads of ❤ to you and all your friends.

A high and #Hive 🖐from India🇮🇳 to 🇳🇬.

Thank you my dear #Hive for connecting me with lots and lots of great #Hiveians.

So, let's #GoForHive & #MoveToGreaterHeights!

Long Live #Hive.... $Hive!

I can honestly say that I didn't come to Hive (actually Steemit) to get rich quick. It was more of a social at the time because I was posting on Facebook for free, so why not come for the potential of getting paid a little. Plus, one of my friends really liked it here.

That made all the difference! I had no expectation, so when it became something it surprised me. I cannot tell you how many came here and left with empty pockets because it wasn't what they thought. There is work involved, but, plenty of fun along the way.

I am glad you stuck it out! It's a pretty cool place.


Yea! Your words are absolutely fact and clear! That is why before I ever introduced someone new to hive, I ask them if they enjoy writing, having fun, engaging and all that. Infact, I do make it clear that they should rush in to hive with the hopes of becoming wealthy. Of course, riches will come along the way on the long run, but it isn't something you see overnight.

Am glad you took out time to read through and drop such enchanting comment. My heart remain greatful.🥂

My pleasure! Good luck with your friends!

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That's the thing if you are only doing it with the making money as your main focus there is bound to be disappointments. It is hard for newbies!
I am happy you are passionate about writing and stuck it out! Hive is so much more than just earning crypto for posting, although that is a great bonus!

Am thrilled! That exactly the point! The hopes of making money as one's main objective in hive is a step to one's downfall. It is expected such individual quit along the way because of the challenges one faces as a newbie.

I tried to talk them with this but they turned deaf ears. They were expecting a quick money making machine on hive. And I am glad to see one of them finally understand the concept of dedication and hard work on hive before the financial rewards.

Thanks for the marvelous Comment. It is much appreciated 🥂

Who is your friend who returned - his Hive name?

That's his name

Great! I will go check him out.

Thanks to that. Much appreciated.

Hive is not an easy thing to really get engagement on without a lot of work. More than the payouts, though, there are great communities to get involved with, and some really fantastically creative people.

Glad you're still here!

And i am glad to still be here. Hive is really as you have said, a lot of work and engagement, which is actually fun by the way and I hope to maintain such.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. It great and I really do appreciate!🥂

There's a great project helping those with no RC

Yea, we already tried that. It didn't work out

It works on everyone that came to me asking for HP and they were many. They give 25 HP every 10 days. Maybe you're doing something wrong.

Maybe. I was thinking it because my Friend account was two months old already

There is no quick solution to earning money. Anybody who comes here with that intention won't last long as the mindset is wrong and that is a hard thing to change. Luckily your friend has somebody to follow this time in you and do it properly.

Don't post to earn money. Post to enjoy it and become a part of the community. A great way to get seen is to join a smaller community and it will increase the engagement if not the rewards. Over time you will build a following and do a lot better. If they power up the #hive the account will grow even faster. These are early days and it is a few years down the line when it will really pay off.

I guarantee if your third friend sees you both doing well, he won't be far behind to join and maybe even a couple more.

Yea, thanks a lot for the advice given. Truly, coming in with the intention of making money is the very first path to a depressed and quitting path on Hive. The fun is there and the engagement is wow!
And yes, I bet the other will come around soon enough. It only a matter of time.

Once again, thanks for the comments. It is really appreciated.