R2R Reflections: "Golden Years" and our Legacy ...

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Inspired by the awesome contest of SteemItWorldMap and posting my entry to begin 2020, I have begun posting again. And I have decided to finish what I started last Spring / early Summer. What's that?

Write the final post of my reflections on my "Road to Recovery" trip of a lifetime.

Source: Creator Valiphotos on Pixabay

Reflections refined driving 31 days and 4,984 miles across parts of 8 states - Colorado, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming almost a year ago.

In my first R2R Reflections post, I wrote about "pursuit of happiness" and what many consider an essential part of that - the accumulation of wealth ...

In my second R2R Reflections post, I wrote about what I probably thought about more than anything else - time. While many of my reflections were focused on my own personal history, I also thought a lot about the time in human history into which I was born.

In this final post, I will write down the highlights of what I thought about the "next chapter" of the lives of my beloved lifemate and I - our so-called "Golden Years." And the legacy we may leave behind ...


  • "R2R" Note: My "shorthand" way of referring to my trip of a lifetime, with the story beginning here and ending here. "Road to Recovery" <=> "R2R" ... 😉

"Footprints on the sands of time" ...

In my last post, I wrote this:

Our time is finite, i.e. we are mortal. Whatever our "number of days" may be, we are not going to be getting any more of them. Our time will come to an end.

If and when you come to the place in your life where you are starting to spend some time reflecting on the view "in the rearview mirror," what do you see there? What comes to your mind?

Source: Creator composita on Pixabay

We can all take a fairly "structured" route to the end. Following society's social norms, expectations and, whatever you do, don't get out of line. Don't "jump the tracks" or "leave the reservation" ...

We dare not, fearing the reaction of those with whom we have chosen to surround ourselves. And upon whose approval we have allowed ourselves to become so very dependent ...

How many of us are on this course through our lives? How many of us even question what course we are on to begin with?


Or ... We can take the "road less traveled" ... The path upon which I have always viewed myself following, although I still could not really tell you, dear reader, why I feel that way. It is just deep in my soul, perhaps a little too deep to reach ...

Source: Creator SplitShire on Pixabay

So ... This has long been my way through life. It would be very surprising to me, if I don't "stay the course" until the end. Now in the "Autumn season" (early winter? 😉) of my life, I certainly don't have any inclination at the moment to change course ...

What then, will I do next? As I wrote in my last post:

The longer I live, the more important I believe are these two essential aspects of life:

1. The people in my life.

2. The time I spend with them.

With the responsibilities of providing for a large family behind me, I can focus on what has always caused me grief, to one degree or another. The lack of time spent with those with whom God has allowed me to cross paths:

Never knowing for certain, for what purpose I was in their life and they were in mine, but assured it was "for such a time as this!"

I am genuinely excited to experience this in ways I rarely if ever have before now. And my beloved and I have already taken concrete steps in this direction. I truly believe it will progressively become the highlight of our lives!

And when not working on doing a much better job of investing time into the lives of others? There will inevitably be the need to rest up, recuperate, and get recharged / refreshed for another day.

What will we do?

Spend a lot of time learning more about permaculture and living simply, close to the earth ...

Source 1: Creator WhisperingJane_ASMR on Pixabay
Source 2: Creator pasja1000 on Pixabay

I am grateful to my Steemian friend, @rawutah, for introducing me to a "world" I never knew existed. We have already begun to experience a bit about this new life, having completed our first preparatory season. I have pictures and notes about all we have experienced and what it has represented to me.

At some point in the future, I hope to be writing more about this topic here on our Steem blockchain. The inspiration received from it have resulted in my beloved lifemate and I feeling literally years younger. 😊 And certainly healthier ... 😉


As with us all, time will ultimately catch up, as our "number of days" draw ever nearer to their inevitable finale. In searching for "just the right one," I loved the image shown below, to illustrate my closing thoughts.

Source: Creator composita on Pixabay

What "footprints on the sands of time" will we leave behind? I don't pretend to know. I can't even say for sure that it is wise to dwell on it much, as to what degree is that final judgment in our hands?

Of one thing, though, I am certain. As I enter the "Winter season" of my long life, I will always keep looking to the horizon.

Onward and Upward!


In writing this post, I wondered how other cultures around the world view this phase of our lives. The "final chapter" ... And I smiled, wondering whoever came up with the "golden years" reference to it, here in America. "Golden?" Yeah, right ... 😊

Have I inspired any thoughts about this phase of your life, dear reader? Do you have another perspective on it, from your heritage and cultural background in your part of the world?

I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Steem Communities and increase the value of the Steem blockchain! 👍 😊

Steemian @roleerob

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I think that these latest publications have been both a perfect start to the year as well as the golden clasp that concludes a reflection of life that undoubtedly enriches all your readers. I know that whenever I tell you, you don't accept it so easily, but I think you are a very wise man. In the details you find of each experience there are always traces of that deep path through which your soul travels, that path full of Light. Thank you for sharing your trip and so many valuable questions.

I think that everywhere we look for that way of valuing the important things in life, I also believe that in all places we learn to approach it as we get closer to the last stage of life. Youth is chaos maturity seeks the essence.

I send you a big hug, also to your wife and family. Spend an excellent Sunday with the people you love so much.

Much joy and a beautiful Light.

Up well before 🌄 (here) @leveuf, you are very kind to "drop in" and supply some of your encouragement about what these posts represent to you. It is a blessing to me to "hear" they have provided you content for deep reflection and then choosing to share some of it with us here.

Inspired to write a bit again, we'll see how long that holds up. I am almost instantly back to the challenge I have always faced. Justifying time spent "in here," at the inevitable expense of time invested "out there" in the real world. But ... Here I am ...

God bless you, my dear friend. In whatever way you are being led forward, I pray that it is "out in the light," of what truly matters. What truly is of value ...

Thanks for investing your time to add value to this post. Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow! 😊

I know how you value your time, that's why your publications are worth to visit, they're always important reflections on society or this micro-society in the blockchain, important news or simply a share of how you experience the journey in this life. We've talked about presentation and substance and both are enjoyable in your posts! Always a pleasure to visit you, dear @Roleerob!! See you soon "here" or "there". 🤗
May your Sunday is full of Love and Light!!

I’m really glad to see you are back to writing again! This was such a nice and engaging write up!

You’d think I was already in my Golden Years as much as I think about my life, purpose and impact. I think it is essential that we are always reflecting on our time here, especially we as Christians. We don’t know when our time will be up and it’s crucial we are spending our time wisely and making the best of the time God has given us.

It was inspiring and encouraging hearing you talking about the two essential aspects of life. I need to do better with spending more time with my loved ones , even giving them a phone call if I can’t get to them.

One thing I have been reminding myself lately is that these things on earth are just “things”, we can’t take them with us. Sometimes we get focused on our material possessions so much that we miss the whole point. What’s more important than what we have accumulated is who have we impacted? Who have we inspired or encouraged today? As you stated...what legacy are we leaving behind? These are the focal points that we should ponder on.

I hope you and your beloved have the time of your lives visiting and spending time with those you love. Thank you for this post. 😊

It is a blessing to me to "hear" from you @crosheille this morning. And encouraging to my writing it, to "hear" you found some value in reading this post. From an "old man," who has "been through the wars" ... 😉

As we both believe, our Lord is sovereign in all things, even the timing of events in our lives. I awake this morning have spent two hours last night in the home of a member of our church, listening to a man representing the largest missons outreach in the world to the Muslim nations. With a specific leading and heart for the plight of the people of a major city in the Muslim world - a city of 8 to 10 million people ...

Puts me in a deep reflective mood this morning about what, as I write my last two posts and what you also touch on, is truly of value. And what, in His "moment of truth," in a garden, our Lord's words recorded for eternity were: "Nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done."

For now, I will leave it at that, as details of what he shared with us are not to be posted anywhere. Suffice it to say, the plight of these people - in particular the women - is extraordinary. Extraordinarily grim, from this Steemian's perspective ...

Thank you again, my friend and sister in Christ, for investing your time in stopping by and adding value to this post. May our Lord richly bless your new day! 🙏

Psalm 118:24

It was absolutely a pleasure to stop by and visit and take some time to read your writing. I know I can learn a lot from your wisdom and the life you have lived :)

That missions outreach sounds very profound. Thanks for sharing a bit of it.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your family as well.

I truly like this kind of post. Something to ponder that I might now have already. We will all get there one day and I think it is a wise move to give it some thought while you can do some things to change its course.

Outlining the important things in life and how they evolve and change really hits home because so many people are resistant to change. The more people read things like this, the more they may look twice at the advice. One can hope.

Great write and of course, we are glad to see you at PHC~!

Upped and steemed


Thank you for stopping by @dswigle and adding value to this post! I really appreciate getting your perspective on it.

"The more people read things like this, the more they may look twice at the advice. One can hope."

Yes, if they ever see it ... Hahaha! That is one of the fun things about our Steem blockchain is how we go about resolving the challenge of getting "eyes" on what we write.

For me, I really value the engagement and hearing from others as much or more than the upvotes. Sadly, after the EIP changes of HF 21 / 22, that seems to be in decline. Which was part of why I stopped writing ...

Well, anyway, I have started back up. A little bit for now. Thanks again for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts on the subject! 😊 👍

Well, I took it home with me to hopefully give it a few more eyes. A really nice piece! I hope it does well!

You're very kind @dswigle. Thank you!

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Wow! What an encouraging message to wake up to 🌄 this morning @steemitbloggers! Thank you for the support!

I hope the post provides at least a little "food for thought," or even a little inspiration to others, in a similar time in their lives ...

Psalm 118:24

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Thank you @theluvbug for your encouragement and the link to join PHC, which you provided on my last post. A step now taken and for which I am grateful!

The path of my life did change a few times and took a turn sometimes and went a 180 in another direction and that is some that’s hard sometimes but also great. I don’t want to know what the future will being I will walk my walk of life 😉

Yes, my friend, we never know what is coming @brittandjosie, on our paths through this world. Having definitely experienced ...

"... went a 180 in another direction and that is some that’s hard sometimes but also great."

... a few of these myself, I have learned to simply say, "I don't write the script!" And then do my best to learn whatever lesson might be a part of it and go on ...

Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post! 😊 👍

You are very welcome and its so nice you came to the PHC

I'm part of this sector, but I've always seen it as no different than other stages of my life. I believe I think that way because I've looked at life from the perspective of one body of work, rather than dividing it into phases, from the beginning. Or, just three phases, but the life phase sits alone in the middle; birth - life - death.

I don't know why I view "life" in this way, but I suspect I'm not alone.

Nice to meet you @roleerob!

Thank you for your perspective @free-reign and for your thoughts, which add value to this post. Part of what "keeps me going" here on our Steem blockchain, is engaging with others all over the world. Provides lots of opportunities for what "might be" ...

Have a great day! 👍

Time slips away quickly, early years one is so busy doing what must be done to keep a family running.

A day arrives to soon when you stop, look back deciding some time must now be spent enjoying you.

Travel if you are able, explore whatever you can, soon enough time runs out.

African people respect their elders, sharing knowledge very valuable for younger generations to build and grow.

“When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground,” an African proverb

Yes, amen @joanstewart ...

"... early years one is so busy doing what must be done to keep a family running."

... as this sums up far too much of my life very succinctly.

While only hinted at in some of what I have written, I have often "looked back" and wondered if there was not a different, better path through it all. I am pretty much at peace and settled now on knowing this is largely a futile exercise. We cannot go back, only forward ...

As for imparting any wisdom to the next generations, that is a key element in what my beloved and I hope to invest a considerable amount of time into ...

Who knows, maybe they will even listen a little bit! Hopefully ... 😉

Thank you very kindly, for stopping by and adding value to this post! 🙂👍

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I love finding on my way this kind of reading that awakens my positive thoughts and feeds my life.

  ·  last month (edited)

Thank you @carolinacardoza, for stopping by and adding value to this post. It is encouraging to me ...

"... that awakens my positive thoughts and feeds my life."

... that your reading of it inspired this response.

God bless your new day!
Psalm 118:24, Hebrews 10:23-25

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Ah yes our Golden years. So much to do and so little time. Living each day to it's fullest, loving those who mean the most. We're certainly not done yet are we? Beautiful write @roleerob. Blessings!

Nope @birdsinparadise ...

"We're certainly not done yet are we?"

... most definitely not done yet! 😉

Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post. And for the gentle word of encouragement.

Have a great day!
Psalm 118:24

Definitely some great reflecting here. Some time ago at a college graduation ceremony, the guest speaker challenged all the new graduates to determine their success by writing their own obituary. I was not one of those graduates, but it is still a really powerful exercise to undertake.

Interesting thought @wwwiebe ...

"... challenged all the new graduates to determine their success by writing their own obituary."

... as setting goals / having objectives is a worthy exercise.

The "fun" begins, however, when we realize (some later than others, some never ...) that "we don't write the script" and life can take us down some paths, for which we cannot adequately prepare in advance. Since we, in our wildest dreams / worst nightmares, would never have chosen it ...

"Looking back," the best I can make of it is whether I have learned the lessons these "twists and turns" through life have provided me. And go on ...

I appreciate you "stopping in" and sharing your thoughts, which add value to this post. Have a great day!

Beautiful post @roleerob 👍


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Thank you @wonderwop. I appreciate the word of encouragement! 😊 👍

@roleerob, Looks like you had, having and will going to have and travel Profound Journeys. In my opinion people think that their Path, Journey and Actions stay unnoticed but in my opinion we are in the State Of Mass Consciousness and in my opinion no matter what we think about ourselves, in this Universe 🌌 everyone (Every creatures included) matters in some way and we will leave behind a Legacy for someone.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you @chireerocks, for stopping by and adding value to this post. I really appreciate it! 😊

P.S. Nice to see someone still using @partiko. I wish my old friend @crypto.talk would come back and keep that wonderful app going!

Welcome and thank you. 🙂

Yes, Partiko is my favourite Application and gives awesome User Experience. Enjoy your time ahead. 🙂

Great post about your life journey. I'm enjoying the golden years now as well and there is much reflection that can be done on the past, but I'm truly looking forward to what the future still holds.

Very good @blueeyes8960 ...

"... but I'm truly looking forward to what the future still holds."

... as I am right there with you. Given the opportunity to "go back and do it all over again," I most definitely would pass. 😉

Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post. "Onward and upward" to the finish line! 😊

I have been on many roads in my life my friend, most of them way off the beaten track. Most of the men in my family die fairly young in their 40s and 50s, but by grace I have gone far beyond. There is no closing chapter in my life, as I plan to work until I can no more. Gratitude and kindness are the standards that I bear and our charity work has become my life.
We have free grace to continue on our way and God knows the exact time and date to call me. Until that time I simply live from day to day.
You have a great subject here readers to think about.

Thank you very kindly @papilloncharity, for stopping by and adding value to this post. God apparently has preserved you for His purposes then, if you've far outlived the family around you.

Amen to this ...

"We have free grace to continue on our way and God knows the exact time and date to call me."

... as He knows our number of days. I need not concern myself one moment with thinking / worrying about that. Until that day ...

"... as I plan to work until I can no more."

... like you, I hope to be as productive for His purposes as I can manage!

Thanks again for stopping by! 😊 👍

I think that I like you Mr. @roleerob, as we seem to be cut from the same rock.
The most important issue is to try to understand with our feeble minds the mystery of God's FREE grace. Which does not have to earned by works, or anything else by mankind as it is free.
Therefore I am not concerned about legacies or anything else about my life, as the real legacy belongs to the Lord that we serve.

Thank you for letting me know @papilloncharity ...

"I think that I like you Mr. @roleerob, as we seem to be cut from the same rock."

... for, if we are brothers in Christ, I would certainly hope that would be the case! 😊

I appreciate your comments on my post today. And I especially appreciate being introduced to a fellow believer. All the best to you and yours, in your part of the world, as you serve as Ambassadors for our Lord!

Brothers in Christ indeed my friend!
Blessings also to you and yours!


Posted using Partiko Android

Great article! I have been thinking about time lately myself, tho in a different way: specifically how the concept of time differs so widely among cultures. It's a deep wormhole once you step in, lol!

It's wonderful meeting you, and I look forward to reading more :)


I am glad you stopped by to let me know you enjoyed the post @arbitrarykitten. Agreed ...

"... specifically how the concept of time differs so widely among cultures. It's a deep wormhole once you step in, lol!"

on both points! 😉 Back to writing a bit again, the one thing which "keeps me going" is the fascination with engaging with others all over the world.

Along with that, while we have an amazing diversity of cultures and, to the chagrine of some, disparity in uhhh ... "resources" ... we all have these fixed components in common 24 / 7 / 365 ... 😉

Now, if only we grow in making wise use of it ... Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post. Have a great rest of your day (night)! 👍

I know for my golden years I smile much more, I am less distrustful and wary. Maybe it's because I no longer have the responsibilities keeping my children safe. There are so many things I want to learn! Rawutah was one of the first people I encountered here too, and learning more about permaculture is on my bucket list. Very nice post.

  ·  last month (edited)

Very good @owasco. Sounds like you have reached a point of greater peace in your life.

Like it sounds is true with you, I too hope to remain the "continuous learner" I have long been. At least as long as my little pea brain is "firing on all cylinders." Well, maybe at least on most of them ... 😏

Glad to know you are familiar with @rawutah. He has been gone for some time, at least as far as I can tell. I hope he returns someday.

I am already at work on writing more about what he introduced me to, in my next post.

Thank you kindly for stopping by and adding value to this post! 🙂👍

Lovel reflections on life and the journey. Don't remember where the "golden years" or "final chapter" originated.

I think I'm in my golden or "senor citizen" years, and hope they are not the final chapter.

  ·  last month (edited)

Yes, great question @justclickindiva! What inspired whoever came up with them? And why do some "stick" and spread amongst us all and others never do?

"I think I'm in my golden or "senor citizen" years, and hope they are not the final chapter."

Nice to meet a fellow "seasoned traveler" through this life. 🙂 I hope all is well with you and yours.

As for the "final chapter," I think our chosen system of belief will be the determining factor in how much hope we have about what may lie beyond it. Romans 15:13

Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post! 🙂😔

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow those first two photos are genuinely beautifull.
😮😮 Im shocked beyond comprehension damn i wish I could take photos as beautiful

Glad you liked them @technicalside. I am thankful for websites like these and the gifted creators who allow us to use and feature their skillfully wrought creations!

Posted using Partiko Android

Oh hehe I had no idea websites like such even existed.. None the less those pictures meant something to you and thats why you picked them

Keep up the beautiful work bud


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  ·  last month (edited)

Howdy again sir roleerob! This is a wonderful post. It makes me reflect myself on the important issues of life and why we're here.

I'm constantly seeking God's direction at this stage in my life because I know that time is relatively short and I don't want to get off course...even though I'm not sure exactly what that course looks like at this moment.

Do you think you'll be posting on Steemit more? Or pursuing another semi-retirement career?

I think you mentioned a few months ago that you weren't that confident in Steem and Steemit...has that changed?

Sorry for all the questions but it's your fault for making me think! lol.

God bless you and the Missus!

  ·  last month (edited)

Yes sir @janton, there can be no question "... that time is relatively short ..." As I imagine with you, my belief is some day we will be called upon to account for how we invested it.

On posting on our Steem blockchain, hard to say for me, TBH. I was inspired by the recent contest referenced to write again and relive some of my very fond memories of a year ago. Then, one thing led to another and I thought I should probably finish what I started, although way late ...

On the future of the Steem blockchain, my $0.02 is it has a considerable number of problems. Many of which seem to be "swept under the carpet" inside the constant self-reinforcing "echo chamber" for far too many of the influencers "in here" ...

Will they ultimately be "fatal" problems? Well, I am neither clairvoyant nor wise enough to really know. All I can say for myself is I hold it much more "lightly" in my own thoughts and plans than I once did. Particularly when it comes to the seemingly insatiable time commitment ...

That said, I am obviously "still around" and mostly likely will be for the foreseeable future. I always have and always will enjoy hearing from you. Have a great day "down there" in the Lone Star state, my friend!

Permaculture rocks!! Let me know if you like me to share some resources with you :)

Glad to hear of your enthusiasm for this topic @mariannewest. As written in this post, it has been remarkably inspiring for us to be introduced to it and we already know we'll likely be at it from here on out.

Thank you for the offer of resources. For the moment, we're pretty much underwater with what we've already tried to absorb. Sure looking forward to this Spring and putting more of it into practice. Maybe we can come to you with any questions?

Between now and then, hoping to find the time to write some posts about what we experienced last summer ...

Good morning (here) @mariannewest. Following up on your offer, by any chance to do you have any recommendations, from your experience or that of others, on the best tags to use on posts related to the permaculture, food forest, "Back to Eden" type posts?

I really enjoyed reading your post, @roleerob. So many reflections! At the later stages of our lives it’s easier and easier to understand why many people believe in reincarnation. I’m not opposed to it. I’m fully willing to entertain the idea. And I wouldn’t even be shocked if it turned out there was evidence that it’s true. But I also think we need devices that help us face our mortality.

I personally think the best way to manage these different thoughts of loss and grief over our lives, while we are in fact still here, is to live in the moment. It is really the only thing we have a certain amount of control over. And here we are. Right here and now. When there are people we care about nearby, phone calls to make and recipes to look look up on the internet so that the very next moment, too, will be an enjoyable one — planning a meal or talking to someone we love.

Well, thank you for stopping by and letting me know you enjoyed it @jayna. I appreciate that.

We agree on this ...

"... is to live in the moment. It is really the only thing we have a certain amount of control over. And here we are. Right here and now."

... as we have no guarantee there will be a tomorrow. People with whom we can share our lives today, always plenty to do to keep us productive, and simple things all around us with which we can be content.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspectives on this topic and adding value to this post! 😊

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Beautiful post. Thought-provoking. The final chapter in anyone's life, I guess brings introspection and the need to heal woulds, forgive and get gorgiveness. That's what I 've seen in my culture. People even look for a religious conversion that may guarantee them some kind of safe-passage.

Yes @hlezama ...

"... I guess brings introspection and the need to heal woulds, forgive and get gorgiveness."

... that is what I would imagine is a universal aspect of the lives of us all. At least that is the perspective of this Steemian ...

As a disciple of Jesus, I believe God provides us with the only true source of power to accomplish this. I might have been spared a lot of "damage" in my life had I come to this realization and understanding long before I did ...

Thank you kindly for "stopping in" and adding value to this post.

Have a great day!
Psalm 118:24