Dragged to the dream

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The clock on the watch on Sarah's left hand was already 11 PM. It was quiet when she arrived at the destination, the terrace light was dimly lit.
Sarah knocked on the door. It was not locked.
"Anyone in there?"
No reply.
Sarah opened the door slowly. When it opened wide Sarah was startled. A black cat stared at her without moving. Sarah shuffled backwards, the cat walking away.
She looked around the room. A room that looks spacious but is poorly maintained. Dirty and messy.
"Unfortunately this house is not maintained. Tomorrow when I meet the owner I will help her clean and organize this house. Hopefully they can accept my idea."
Sarah took a deep step inside. Sarah approached the stairs and looked up, at the end of the stairs was a wall, on the left there was a small door leading out to a drying area and gutter. She held up a wall that had faded with paint. There were some damp stains on the walls that were brown and some were peeling off.
"No wonder it's cold, indeed damp, she thought. But never mind, this place is quite comfortable."
She immediately entered the room that had been prepared. A bed with mattress and pillow has been prepared. Her body was too tired to make Sarah immediately threw herself on the bed.
Drowsiness makes her eyes close quickly. When Sarah was between conscious and unconscious, she felt pulled by an old woman with a creepy face. There are sores on the left temple and cheek that have started to fester. A foul smell also wafted from that messy-haired woman.
Sarah is dragged into a room. Sarah tried to fight back. She rebelled and refused to be taken. Many times the effort was made but it did not work. The woman in the dirty clothes was stronger than Sarah thought. Sarah's hands were tied back with ropes and sat on an old chair. both legs tied to the chair leg.
Suddenly the woman took out a sharp kitchen knife. The woman put a knife to Sarah's neck from behind and her left elbow pinched her neck so that Sarah's head looked up. Sarah was terrified. She tried to gather all the strength to return to rebellion. She thinks if this time fails he will be killed. So with all the strength he gathered she tried to use her legs to lean on and jump. Sarah's jerk managed to push the woman down. Sarah also fell.
When Sarah was about to wake up she realized a black cat was sniffing her body. It turned out that she had a bad dream.

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