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the color of dress can be indicate something in the user. We also must make dress well in our appreance.
Well now we can follow the color and the effect


Many adults like the color blue. Dark blue gives the impression of authority, power, authority. Therefore many uniforms use blue. Using pale blues and soft tones will give a calming effect. Usually, many treatment rooms use this pale blue color. During a presentation at the office or giving a briefing in blue, it gives an authoritative impression. So choosing blue when formal is important. The choice of color is so important for business people, both men and women. This blue color is also suitable for casual moments. As a neutral color, blue is very easy to match with other colors. Young people wear a lot of light blue clothing because it gives a friendly and cheerful impression.


The impression you get on green is natural, fresh, comfortable and cool. People often associate this color with fertility, luck and even rewards and blessings. We can also receive the relaxing effect when we look at the color green. That is perhaps the reason for the hospital wearing a lot of green. Bright greens can be very dominant when in large numbers. Dark green can act as a neutral color and goes great with other colors. Turquoise is perfect for most skin tones, while greenish-gray makes the face look pale, so it should be combined with other colors.


This color gives the impression that attracts the most attention. Its nature encourages activity, stimulates and can dilute the atmosphere. The atmosphere created by the color orange is friendly and cheerful. The atmosphere of warmth is a reflection for its users. Orange with a soft rhythm like peach, gives a feminine and elegant impression. For home clothes this color is a good choice. For owners of dark skin, you can choose a darker orange.


Purple is an exotic color and tends to be expensive, given the high cost of getting this color from nature. Perhaps that is why in royal and spiritual times they prefer this unique color. Purple can symbolize wisdom, wealth, luxury and piety. The nature that tends to be feminine, romantic and passionate makes this color much preferred by women.
Men use this color less. Mostly used for giving touch. Many accents in tie patterns use purple to pair it with a brown, gray or navy suit. Purple is also often used on socks, and for soft light purple it is worn on fashionable clothes.
Purple is very beautiful when used by people with dark skin.


The natural color of this soil indicates stability, intimacy and trust. If you remember the color of food, chocolate is a color that gives the impression of being comfortable and of course comfortable. Sometimes this color shows friendliness but sometimes reflects gloom and is boring. This color is more popular among men, its casual feel is still stronger than gray, navy and black. However, be careful choosing brown colors because of the dirty and dull nuances.
Soft brown containing grayish is suitable for cool skin and looks more elegant when paired with black or white. Yellowish light brown fits perfectly with red, beige, black and dark brown, of course.


Gray is a solid and fashionable color. The impression is made to be more confident and more mature. Usually widely used for business people. On the cool gray skin with a blend of pink and soft it goes great together. The combination of gray, yellow and orange makes you look even more beautiful. In combination with white or black it can appear pale and dull. Therefore, it should be balanced with other colors.


The colors in some parts of the earth are sacred are often used for sacred things such as religious ceremonies and weddings. However, in some areas such as China, this color is used as a symbol of death. The impression of white on clothes is light and reflects light. The body part which is covered by this white dress looks bigger. This causes the wearer to look brighter and fresher. This clean color gives a clinical and sterile effect. In evening and formal wear, white becomes more elegant with other color blends.


The color black is often identified with eternity, power and strength. However, it is often used as a symbol of grief and gloom. Black clothes have an important meaning because they can disguise the body so that it looks slimmer. The black color also makes users look elegant and sexy.
The use of black and white looks more formal, and if you want to reduce the formal impression, you can combine it with other colors such as light brown.

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