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Dear hivians all the world...
Clothing is not just a covering. Clothing has moved more than just a basic need. Clothing has become a criterion, criteria or social status of a person.
One can judge from the clothes worn. could be seen from the material, price or even the color of the clothes used.
The choice of clothing color is something that cannot be underestimated. The attention of the people around us will certainly judge us. If we wear clothes that match people, they will look at it with great interest. However, if the costume is wrong without us, it will be gossip, at least inwardly, we will not comment properly.

Colors often don't come. But we have a tendency to choose the color we want below the threshold. This can be used as a clue about the influence of color on us personally.
Color can affect both the physical and the soul. Cool colors like blues, purples and greens convey a sense of peace and serenity, but they often make romances sad, moody and withdrawn.
In warm colors such as bright red, orange, yellow, vanished green, it makes time run imperceptibly, creates warmth, is friendly, and pleasant.


Romantic, love and sensual colors. In addition to making the heart beat fast, red is aggressive, contains strength, power, danger, passion, lust and confidence. In clothes, this color can give the impression of a healthy looking reddish skin. Since red tends to stand out it will draw attention to what is covered.

Red on clothes

This color is easier to match with other colors. Men can use red in small amounts to accent ties, decorative handkerchiefs. Women can use red in large quantities or as a sweetener. The red dress in the middle of the party will stand out from the other colors. This red color can be used in a formal atmosphere by combining it with neutral colors that tend to be dark.
However, if you want the impression of a low profile, the red color seems very strong.


The color pink shows more loving love and tenderness. So do not be surprised if on Valentine's Day pink is the icon. In a person, the color pink indicates a pleasant, gentle and affectionate nature. The packaging of various products, be it cakes, candy or cosmetics, seems to be effective in attracting consumers. On food it looks delicious and on beauty products it looks even more attractive in pink.

Pink on clothes

A pink tinge will appear if you wear pink clothes. For cool skin, pink can be combined with bluish tones. Pink with a yellow blend is more suitable for warm skin. Pink is widely considered to be a feminine color. Not infrequently men also wear clothes in pink. Its use can be combined with dark blue, gray and even black suits. For those who want to negotiate pink, it will give a weak impression. But if you want to show sympathy, loving pink is the right choice.


Yellow is known as a clean, fresh and bright color. Yellow wearers will look cheerful and laugh cheerfully. However, on excessive use the yellow color has negative effects such as agitation and provocativeness. That said, this color has a tendency to get out of control.

Yellow on clothes

The use of clothing in large quantities will be very striking. If you want to combine it with other colors, yellow will be able to give a lively impression. Men can choose yellow to sweeten their ties. If you want to use yellow on your shirt, choose a pale yellow color. If you have cool skin, you can choose lemon yellow.
That all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

To be Continued...

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