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Way to abuse a random tag!

What to write about on a friday morning? Well, I'll go girly and enterprisingy on your asses!

Pardon my French.

After all the blogging and gaming and blogging about gaming and the serious business taxes talk, I'll share some of my designs with you! It's been a while and we're far from having seen it all. I'm sorry, let's just power through this together, shall we?

I'm not going to give any affiliate links today, but if you do like any of these designs (or want to see them on other products), feel free to use the affiliate link in my footer, the one called 'Redbubble shop'. I do, ofcourse, appreciate any sales and such! Although I'll admit, these items aren't a right shape for everybody.

Right, onto the designs! Fashion friday calls for... dresses I think!

Let's start with a happy, summery one:


I tried to do the whole gradient, starry night kinda thing with that design.

I made an orange one aswell:


The next one, I think I've shared it before, but just to be sure:


I really love the simplicity of this one and the subtle difference between the black and dark grey underneath.

Now I will admit Redbubble's dresses aren't all that. They are not for the super skinny model-type ladies that never seem to eat and want to show off their 'curves in all the right places' and 'lack of tummy' (all jealousy talk!). They do, however, work if you do have an existing tummy (I don't know about you, but after eating and drinking all day, mine likes to poke out a little). I own one these dresses myself and it's mostly a comfortable, at home dress that doesn't pinch anywhere. Freedom!

Anyway, most of my designs don't work too well on these dresses, so it's hard to find a few gems that do work. Adding a belt around the waist does cheer them up.


My dark crystals design does the trick. I'm pretty much in love with this design myself and it works really, really well on things like phone cases. Alas, we are working with fashion friday and phone cases can have no part in this. You can always look them up in the shop through my Redbubble shop link in the footer.


I'm starting to see a pattern here. The darker designs seem to do well!

Time to get back to something more summery:


Happy and cheery and not so warm when you're out in the sun!

It's one of my latest designs, which I later turned a little darker:


And yellowy!


And lastly:


How cool would it be if people would walk around with my logo attached to them, huh? So far, no one has taken the bait!

Okay, enough fashion friday abusing. It was a fun excuse to share some of my new designs (and a couple of older ones).

I would be glad to hear what you think of some of them.

Creating designs and selling them in places like Redbubble and Vida is a nice way to earn a little extra income. It's not really anything worth mentioning (yet), but it gives me some cash I allow myself to use for new games.

It has been pretty slow going these last few months, but I did make one sale last month and yesterday, I sold two other products. So I'm happy!

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I thought I was the only one who made up cool words. Seems you do too!

We are both coolworderisers.

EDIT: Sorry, my comment has nothing to do with dresses. I'm not sure I'd be able to wear your logo though...I'd need one that says, good eater to be more suited to my eatistic nature.

Aah, I feel like I'm amongst the greats, being a coolworderiser!

I'd need one that says, good eater to be more suited to my eatistic nature.

Oh no worries, I've got you covered! I have designs that say things like:
"It's anise thyme for pizza!" or eating, or pasta, or curry. Although I do think they might need some spicing up.

Coolworderising is something only a selected few can do - Clearly you're authorised.

"It's anise thyme for pizza!"

This is clever!

Ha, coolworderiser and clever, all in one day!

I love the dresses seeing that they are free and comfortable and won't stick or pinch me anywhere. Most times I go out in free flowing dressing like these for comfort.

Thanks! Yeah, I usually prefer the free flowing dresses aswell. Much more comfortable and cooling during summer :-)