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I was born to a poor family from Quezon province. Our residence was located in a very condense area where houses were built close to each other. My playground was the street. Fortunately, my father was able to work overseas and I was able to attend in a private school. However, I was inclined to play in the streets because I don't have expensive toys like my classmate.

What I will share with you were the games and toys we usually play in the streets. Unlike this generation where computer games is the most played games by children using mobile devices.

Here are 5 games I played the most during my childhood.


marbles.jpgphoto credit

Most of the male kids wanted to play Jolen. Its a round marble or glass that was place in between a kid's middle finger and thumb to hit another kid's marble or shoot on a hole.

Marble Race. There are 4 hole in the ground with approximately 1 meter distance with each other. All players will take turns to place their marble in all the 4 holes and back. They can opt to hit other player's marble to advance automatically to the next hole. The first to shoot his marble from the starting point to the farthest hole and back will be the winner.

Another game was winner take all. All players will place 5 marbles in a big hole . There is a line where they will throw their marble to the line . The distance of the hole from the line is 3 to 4 meters. The owner of the marble nearest to the line will make his turn first. From the line the first player will throw his marble in the hole where all the marbles were placed. They will try to hit the marbles inside. Everyone will take their turns. If nobody hit the marbles inside the hole except for one. The one who hit it will take all the marbles in the whole.

I enjoyed playing marble because it helped develop my shooting skills may it be shooting the hole or other player's marble. When I won all the marbles of my playmates, I sold the marbles back to them so that I could buy candies.


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This game has a very simple rule. A tin can is placed in a middle of a circle. There's a line connected to both side of the circle. The players will be on other side, about 5 meters. There's one player who will defend the can from other players from being taken down. Players will try to hit the can so that players can go back to the line where they started. If players can't hit the can using their sleeper, the sleeper will be on the other side of the can. They need to return to other side with the sleeper to throw it again without being touched by the defender. The player touched by the defender before reaching the starting line will be the next defender and the former will be player. If a defender can't touch anybody, he will be called prisoner.

I enjoyed this game because it helped me develop my motor skills. It made me run faster and plan before I made my actions.


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We played this game by trying to go over the hands and feet of the defenders. At first the hurdles was low and as we passed by, the hurdles got higher until it reach very high. Once we jumped over to the highest hurdles it will go back to the lowest again. This was fun to play . It helped us to develop our motor skills by jumping high to go over the hurdles.


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Just like Luksong Tinik, Luksing Baka is also about jumping, this time jumping over the body of another player. It started low by kneeling until it reached the standing position. A player will jump over until he made all the attempt. In any instance that you can't jump over, it will be the turn of the other one to jump over you. This can also be played by group.


taguan.jpgphoto credit

I enjoyed playing hide and seek because it was really fun. We usually hide anywhere. I usually hide in a tree because most of my playmates can't climb trees and I hide most of the time in the tall trees. The most memorable that happened to me was when in the middle of our play, it was almost evening, my mother called me to return back to our house for our dinner. I never returned to the area where we played, they kept on looking for me. When they went to our house I was already watching television.


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Whenever I played Trumpo or Top, I felt like I was always going to war. We chose one player to become a defender, by hitting a dummy top. The one with the farthest hit was the defender. The defender should place his top in the middle of a circle. Players should try to hit the defenders top and make it go out of the circle. If a player won't hit the top inside the circle and his top go spinning, if the defender caught his top they must switch position. The defender became the player and the player will be the defender. Every time I made my turn, I hit the defender's top. There was a time when I hit one. The head of the top split into two, my playmate cried. We escorted him home.

I hope you like my 5 most played kid's game. My childhood was meaningful because I was able to play games that many wasn't able to do. During my High School days, I was busy going to different places using my BMX bike or bicycle. We formed a group of riders and bike enthusiast. My youth was field with action games and adventures.

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I played most of those games, or games very much like them, as a child in the US. Things are very different here now! I hardly ever see children playing outside. They are all inside on their electronics. Thanks for taking the time to put this post together. I enjoyed it.

Thanks for taking time visiting my article. I just remember the time when I was a kid. It was really nice to have these memories. It makes me feel young again. Thanks to both of you for droping by.

Yah it was really fun. I played those games too. Thanks @picsart for the share.

Funny childhood yours, friend, I know all those games but here in Venezuela they have different names ... Example Jolen here is called metras.

Ohhh. That's nice. The good thing about these games is it creates a lasting memories for us. Our childhood is really amazing. Thanks for dropping by.

Many games you mention we played slightly different, marbles in the sand was popular as was walking away with winning when you managed to beat your opponent.

Hitting cans with bottles or cans with homemade slingshot (kettie) was another popular game.

Thorn jumping we used elastic bands to achieve height and unusual acrobatic moves between each other, very similar concept. Jumping cow was referred to as Leap frog.

Hide and seek was played not as popular as any of the above mentioned.

Have a great day and thanks for the memories.


Thanks @joanstewart for visiting and reading my blog.

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Haaaaay. Parang nag-time travel ako! 😍 Thank you for taking me back into those times!

During this lockdown, I taught my son and his friends to play "tumbang priso" or what we call here, "tumba lata." 😂 And they had fun. I am a mom who is teaching my child na mas masaya maglaro sa labas than watching a gadget! 😊

Opo mas mabuti na turuan nating ng mga motion ganes ang ating mga aank. Salamat po sa pagdalaw sa aking blog.

Walang anuman! 😉

Keep safe! 😊

Wow! This really brings back memories!

Yes it does... Memories of our childhood is amazing.