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Christmas every week for the hungry souls!

I don't like to say that we are helping the poor, as these guys are trying their best to feed themselves and their families.
They don't stand on the street corners begging every day, but they rather wait hopefully that someone who needs laborers will pick them up.
Many of them are qualified tradesmen, but there is just no work available.
We bring them respite by feeding them.
Come and have a look!


They know our van well and rush for food at every stop that we make!


Every here and there at our feeding stops I peep into someone's garden to see what's available. This female Carpenter bee came to pose for a shot!


Almost an embarrassed smile, but yet he appreciates our help.


3 old ladies inside the van handling the food stock and two outside handing out the food.
Marian can be seen here with her back to the camera.


I saw him landing in a garden and snapped him in an instant!


Now this is a real happy good smile methinks!
I so wish that I could help them to get work.


Here. the team arrived back after the day's adventure. 150 buckets of soup, packets of sandwiches and bottles of water gone!


Another shot that I grabbed along the way somewhere.


And I thought that this was the last one, but somebody was waiting for us at home!


As we arrived home another feeding scheme was waiting as Mr Egyptian goose came swooping in.


What a great landing and Marian rushed inside to go and get their food.

And that was our Monday my friends. A great way to start a week, knowing that we were of some great use to somebody in need. This is what unconditional giving in the charity world is all about. Not a very glamorous job I know, but who needs glamour if you can make the hearts of others happy?

NOTE; I am posting earlier, as we have a 4 hour powercut due in half an hour!

We hope that you have enjoyed the story and the pictures. Thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


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Our power outage is over for today right through the middle of the working day, Oh such fun.

Helping people exist from one day to the next with lack of employment has become an every day event in most areas Stephen, keep helping that is the best one can do.

Struggling the side Lady Joan, internet down whole of last night due to loadshedding and switching us off now again for 2.5 hours at 8am.
What a battle to communicate!

That's a lively duck. The photo of him flying over you is wonderful.

I want to feed the homeless. But most of the ones here are drunks and need professional help.

I work close a downtown area and there many homeless folks, so I understand. Yes, many are there BECAUSE they are drunks and crackheads. Here is a suggestion if I may.More than helping them with a meal, how about giving a meal and word of encouragement? Many of them just forgot how valuable they are.
If a man loses everything, has he truly lost all worth?

Usually they are drinking and eating snacks when I see them.

Thank you my friend.
We also run free trauma counseling courses for the social workers to help the alcoholics and drug addicts.
Most of them have suffered severe trauma in their lives.

Actually helping support workers is a brilliant idea. They know what is needed most and are often in need of support, too.

You are so right my friend. Everyone helps the really down and outs, which is a good thing, but these also these guys that are trying their best to eke out a living for their families. At Papillon we try to deliver a holistic approach meaning that we cover a broader range of desperate needs.
If these guys don't get a piece job on a day, their children sleep hungry on that night!

You guys are amazing!!!! No matter how small the act, you are impacting people's lives in such a beautifully positive manner and the wonderful thing about that, is it's ripple effect!

So glad that you liked it and you have as usual hit it right on the button.
A bit of care can change many lives @jaynie

You’re doing good work. And I love the pictures of the Egyptian goose

Thank you for the kind words and I am glad that you liked the post @shaidon

I think that it is important to always keep in mind Mercy and Truth. Mercy to everyone at all times (we all make mistakes and go down unforseen paths). Truth in remembering that no one chooses deplorable circumstances and that misery can happen to anyone.

Such a true comment here my friend and we do what we can for all others with what we have.
Care and kindness costs nothing and it can help many lives.

Gorgeous shots of nature and thanks for all you do for the people in Need, that smile on that one guy is so infectious

It is the smiles that make things worth it JJ.
Just something small in love and care.
Blessings and thank you!

Oh I can only imagine but a smile like that says more than words ever could

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
upvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you PHC and @jaynie for the care and great support.
I am so proud of PHC.

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Thank you kindly for this!
Blessings to your work!

God bless you guys in your work sir papilloncharity and wow those goose photos! Especially the one with him coming in for a landing, wow. lol. Great job.

Thank you for the kind words Sir @janton and glad that you liked the goose shots!

All your shots are good and so many are incredible!

Thank you for the kind appreciation Sir @janton.