The Paradoxes in life!

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What is this you may say? A mirror in nature for ladies to do their make up? Nope! Not! 🤣

A paradox here, as it is a traffic mirror mounted at an entrance to show drivers oncoming traffic.
Right, but why is the mirror showing us the traffic behind our car and not the oncoming traffic over the one lane narrow bridge?
Let me explain!

422 2_LI.jpg

Our car was stopped just before the inserted stop sign, as the arrow at the right shows the direction of cars approaching the single car bridge.
The traffic mirror in the yellow circle showing the area behind our car?
So What's the answer here do you think?


Here's a closer look at the road and the gate behind us, as we were waiting to cross the bridge in front of us!


It is indeed a most beautiful oak tree lined road once we had crossed the bridge!


This photo above shows us comfort of the slow, very old ways in the building and the comfort of our modern lives in the speed of the Harley Davidson motorbike!


One of the reasons why we visited this farm, to see the clouds washing over the mountains.
I made a video of this and will show you in another mountain post!

Here is the answer below to the mirror paradox!

422 3_LI.jpg

The new drawing below the yellow circle shows the direction of cars from a hidden entrance gate at the left of the road and they use the mirror to check for cars coming from the right and traveling in the same direction than we were!
Paradox solved! 🤣

Please no comments on my master drawing skills here 🤣

Us human beings are funny aren't we?
We will watch our bank balances with a beady eye, inspecting every finer detail in the balance sheets, but as we were parked next to the road here I watched the cars coming past and not one stopped to look at this mirror.
Everyone seemed to be in a headlong rush while we stopped to take photos of the mirror!

This is how we miss the small things in life that serve to make our existence complete, but sadly we strive with all of our might to gather funds, or we concentrate on other aspects of life such as importance, fame, acceptance, or whatever instead of living our lives to the full. Instead of just being.
I am not saying that money doesn't play a role in our lives, bur rather that we place too much importance on it, or other things and subsequently we are missing out.

Whatever it may be, this is only my way of looking at life!

And That Is All Friends!

I leave you with this!

“Health is the new wealth. Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Kindness is the new cool.” —Syed Balkhi

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and cropped for uploading!
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HS

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 22 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Oh this would be good for the ladies too, to check how they look. Can't wait to see the cloud video!

You're right that too many people obsess about money. They shouldn't, they are definetely not the most important thing in life.

Hahaha, the ladies will have to stand on stilts to work in that mirror my friend.

I suppose that it is all of the mad rushing about that influenced my writ today lol.

Thank you for the visit.

And as it looks, it might magnify stuff. Ladies never like that 😂

Oh! I didn't know this about women lol.

Hahaha for sure😄

For sure? Are you meaning that they don't like the magnification of their faces because it may show up some age lines or other things?
I like wrinkles as it displays character, but I think women try to hide them as they want to look young hahaha.

I thought about their head looking big as a balloon, but I approve the wrinkle statement too lol😂

Wrinkles are part of the process. I think that we should focus on the soul, our body is just the shelter of our character, where true beauty really is

Thank you for explaining your thoughts my friend.

Yes, you are totally correct as so many faces hide corrupt souls, but they are always revealed aren't they?
True beauty indeed rests in the soul and if only the world's tuition about the importance of looks were focused inwards instead of outwards.
Every woman has natural beauty, but so many suppress their inner beauty and I can understand that as it is a fear of being hurt. Self preservation is essential because there's a wolf around every corner lol.

#posh share:

Mirrors on narrow roads we noticed when traveling in Europe many years ago, years later saw they started popping up over here, very useful if used, but then South African drivers don't notice details on the road!

We have a yield sign on a robot intersection (not many in the country I believe), very few are aware and stop for a red robot, whereas in fact it is perfectly legal with no on-coming traffic to slip through.

Bit high for a lady to powder her nose, most probably used by random flasher 😁

Why bother with mirrors and road signs if one can simply buy a drivers license Lady Joan?
I am not saying that every driver has bought their licenses, but it's a known fact that much skullduggery is going on with the licenses.

I wish that would put yield signs on the pedestrian robots here, as often kids walk past the robots and they push the stop button for fun. Why waste petrol and stop at a red pedestrian robot if there is no one crossing?

Hahaha, that flasher would have to be on stilts lol.


OK, no comment then 😉 lol

Oh yes, we have such mirrors all around where you need to see more than you would see without the mirror 😊

Nice Harley by the way, Zac, but now I'm waiting for the video of the clouds 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

Huh? I thought you said good night Hannes,

In fact I just said good night to you in the previous message?
Are you talking to me in your sleep here hahahaha

Yes, we have a few of those mirrors here, but I don't know who uses them lol.
I did think about you when I took the shots of the Harley lol.

Patience is a good thing my friend and the video will come as promised.

Cheers and thanks!

I will wait patiently for the video 😁

As we have very narrow roads and corners here sometimes, it is very important that there are these mirrors.

I hope you don't dream from me, my friend, that would be a bit over the top ;)

Cheers and !BEER

Good that your patience has started my friend.

Yeah, those mirrors can be life savers if people really use them. Over here people stop briefly, take a quick look to the right for a gap and then race off. regardless of an oncoming car that wants to turn right from the left hand side.

Hahaha, thankfully like you I don't dream else I would have nightmares about a certain mountain goat hahaha

Cheers and thanks!

Yeah, but it's still a long way to real patience.

Believe me, many people here aren't better. If I'd turn my helmet camera always on I could post a new "stupid car driver" video every day 😁

Cheers and !BEER

You will get there one day as patience doesn't have a cousin called hurry hahaha!

Stupidity is one thing, but recklessness is quite another my friend.
You will have a heart attack if you see the ways in which our Taxi's are driven over here.
No road rules whatsoever.

Cheers and thanks!

I know, I will wait patiently till patience comes to me 😉

I know such drivers too from holidays in Tunisia. We have been glad to be alive after each drive 😂

Cheers and !BEER

Some people joke here and they say that Patience is still a virgin Hannes lol.

Oh man, taking a minibus taxi here is a hair raising experience. No respect for road rules, skipping red traffic lights, driving on sidewalks, forcing their way to the front of queues, stopping anywhere and on and an it goes lol.

The sad thing is that there are many accidents here and so many passengers are hurt, or even killed in the event of a crash.

Cheers and thanks!

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I have seen such mirrors here as well, even saw this one on a narrow country road this morning as we were out and about


Cool and did you look into the mirrors? hahaha
Sounds to me like you are indeed getting around there and always so nice to explore new areas.

I have to admit I have never analyzed them how you did in this post

Apologies JJ, seems that I missed this one.
Marian saw some yellow flowers in a field next to the road, so I stopped for her to go and have a look.
That's when I saw the mirror and I decided to sit and watch it, to see how people react to it.
Bur sadly no one noticed it.


no need to apologize my friend after all I have missed so many post over the last while

I hope all is well


Up and down all of the time with little sleep JJ.
Waking up tired and lethargic in the mornings, but we persevere and life goes on my friend.

Hope that you guys are good!

Blessings and thanks!

Sorry to hear that my wife has trouble sleeping and i know how that affects her at times so I do feel for you

Were all good had a great day with the grandkids

and had the room walls finished downstairs today so now I need to get sanding cleaning and painting to setup my wife studio/music room down there

Somehow my body produces too much phlegm and it interferes with my breathing when I sleep. So, I wake up all hours in a sweat and struggling to breathe.

Yeah, I saw that you spent the day with the kids and it's always a good thing.

I know that it is hard work, but the fish is always such a great feeling.
Studio/music room? So where's the photographic room?


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Indeed folks are in such a hurry, they miss out on the simple but fun things of life. As for me, I like to take my time. Being in a hurry is a hassle.

Firstly, thank you for popping in here Sir,

I used to be in that same rush when I was younger, told by some that I had an incredible drive within and it was that same drive that created some of our charity's greatest successes.
But there comes a time in our lives that we have to sit down and consider our ways. Since then, I have become a tortoise that inspects everything intensely 🙂
And my quality of life is so much better for it.

You are totally correct, as rushing about is indeed a hassle and it's the chasing of the wind that wears one out!