Hive Music for the Holidays: Happy World Hello Day.

Today is World Hello Day.

It is a day where everyone in the World is supposed to say Hello to at least 10 different People. The idea is that we can bring World Peace by saying Hello to strangers. Do you say Hello to at least 10 different people each day ?

To this I can say yes.

How is this possible ? Well I take Lola for a walk at least 3 times a day... and we meet more than 10 people on our walks. So the best thing for world Peace is to get a Puppy.

This is my Song for The Hive Music for the Holidays Song a day Challenge ...

Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles. .... The best part of watching Beatle videos on Youtube is the Comments. These Beatle fans crack me up. Really this video and Sgt Pepper Costume thing was all Paul’s idea. And what is George doing with his guitar ? This whole thing is absurd.

Source: Youtube

Lola says hello from Appics .... ola Lola !