Happy Sukkot... and the Ancient Hebrew teachings of Jesus the Nazarene

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There are many questions surrounding the Life of Jesus the Nazarene (Yeshua ha Notzri) ... Some people question his very existence since there is no physical evidence of his life. There are no bones, there is no DNA ....

Did he exist ?

Did he resurrect from the Dead ?

Is he a man ? Is he God ?

Did He create the Universe ?

So many questions surrounding the Historical person of Jesus the Nazarene.

In Hebrew he is called Yeshua ha Notzri,.... Jesus the Branch. @hebrew

Yeshua is a Hebrew word that literally means “Salvation”...

When you go back and read the Original Torah in Hebrew you will find this word Yeshua on many pages.

Notzri comes from the Hebrew world Netzer which means “branch”... and he is called Branch from the idea that Jesus (Yeshua) is descended from King David. Both Mary and Joseph descend from this Royal line. Jesus was a Hebrew Prince.

I decided many years ago to learn Hebrew and Ancient Aramaic so that I could understand the original teachings of Jesus and the language of the Torah. ( Bible)

I have learned many things.

You can begin to understand the parables and sayings of Jesus much better if you understand his language, along with the Festivals and Celebrations of the ancient Hebrews.

Every Hebrew word and every Hebrew letter has a symbolic meaning. Most of the parables of Jesus are misunderstood since the Hebrew words have many layers of meaning.

For example. Jesus always called God the Father.
In Hebrew the word is Aba.

In Aramaic the word is AV....

It is always translated as Father.

The Word “Aba” is made of two Aramaic letters .... Aleph and Bet. These two letters have a numeric and mystical meaning.

Aleph is the Number One, and also represents the Ox, Symbolizing Power, Strength... the Force.

Bet is the Number Two, and is the symbol of a House, it means In, within, inside.

So the word ABa, Av, could mean Father or it could also mean the Force that resides within all things.

I’m going to share many of my discoveries here on Hive PHC Community. Maybe others are interested. We’ll see.

Studying the original Aramaic and Hebrew script of the oldest copies of the Torah found in the Dead Sea Scolls at Qumran I learned that Jesus was conceived on the eve of 24th Kislev (Dec 24th) during the Festival of Hanukkah (Festival of Light) and born 9 months later during the Festival of Sukkot (October). The Festival of Tabernacles.

Do you build a Sukkah every October to celebrate the Birth of Jesus, Yeshua ha Notzri ?

Sukkot 2020 began in the evening of Friday, October 2 and ends in the evening of Friday, October 9

What is Sukkot? Sukkot is known as the “Festival of Tabernacles” and the “Feast of Booths.” It is one of Judaism’s three central pilgrimage festivals, along with Passover and Shavuot.


Very interesting - I've been working through some Nag Hammadi stuff with the Gnostic sensibility of Jesus, but not familiar with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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I can see that; I definitely don't think you are muted. I tried to do some gnostic stuff early on when it was just Steem, but it didn't get much attention. Yeah, you mentioned Blurt to me, and I keep meaning to get going on there... I'll definitely have to put some time over there

I’m very Interested in the Gnostic Library

cool! thanks for you assistance - I'm in the middle of brutal accounting close period, but I'll have some of my research up yet this week on the NHL - looking forward to the blurt convos!

All the Gnostics and Mystics are over on Blurt.

Hey alright! My kind of folks!!

I've been researching quite a bit of the John Dee stuff lately - have you dug into of that esoteriscm in your research? I'm almost finished up with Jason Louv's book on the subject matter

The Gospel of Thomas is excellent .... probably the earliest record of his Teachings.

Yes it is - it is one of my favorite books from that library

Just posted an article on Gospel of Thomas on Blurt

סוכות שמח

Awesome. Happy Sukkot. There seems to be zero interest for this stuff on Hive.
So I’m sharing my studies and research over on Blurt. Https://blurt.blog

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Blurt is very kind. There’s no downvoting on Blurt. And Yes... there many very good witnesses.