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RE: An Ordinary Day

Hello Joey,

I'm one of the people who are after grandeur in life but in my case, society or any sort of public or private expectations are not at play. I am, in my sound mind and will, behind my decision, solely.

But I'm at the same time in love with an off-grid, self-sustainable life with everything's ordinary. I have seen the video of that woman and her family and it fills me with euphoria with the knowledge that at least someone is doing it.

What's hopeful is that — my sort of grandeur and the ordinary life is not entirely incompatible.

Thank you for this great post.


Hi @notacinephile, yes, and I wish you good success in all your endeavours! (:

It is not entirely incompatible - perhaps they can be fulfilled at different stages in your life.

Thank you for the tip! 😊

Can't they be achieved at the same time? I know I know, that scope is very narrow. For instance, being a writer doesn't require you to discard a healthy, natural life. And you could possibly carve your own name into the tablet of history, who knows!

Haha, I'm not that optimistic. But it's a possibility.