Sublime Sunday for August 9, 2020

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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Sunday.

Did anyone get to do anything fun?


We hung around the homefront Sunday after some intense thunderstorms rolled through overnight that dumped a ridiculous six inches of rain on us. Needless to say, the ground is saturated and there's mud everywhere. We still have to get decorative rock and grown grass to fill in barren areas after the infamous deck project.

And that is the last thing we need as we continue housebreaking our Siberian husky, Nymeria. She is not a fan of going "number two" outside during electric storms. Neither am I!


Nymeria prefers having free reign of the yard, being off the leash and able to run around eating plants, mulch, twigs, cicadas, bugs, and whatever else she finds to chomp on while we chase her around and try to remove the items from her mouth -- the same mouth that contain those needle sharp, pointy, skin piercingly painful baby teeth of hers!


Here she is chewing on my hostas.


Looking up towards them, she appears to be trying to figure out a way to reach the long leaves dangling from the ferns in the hanging baskets underneath the deck!


Welcome to a new week!

We are winding down the last days our son is at home before he returns to college. And although nobody is feeling confident there will be a full semester completed on campus with the Coronavirus numbers on the rise in our state, we are being optimistic for his sake to give it a shot!


You know that person you have been meaning to call?

Do it.


Please stay safe and keep healthy while following social distancing and local mandates pertaining to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We all are in this together!

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Thank you very much!💙💚💛💜

Beautiful shots of the morning glory and hibiscus. You captured the richness of their hues wonderfully.

Noooo not the hostas! Don't eat those doggie! I love hostas doing a landscape installation right now where ill be putting in a bunch of hostas. But like you were getting tons of rain here in south Carolina and the ground is just soggy.

Does your husky like to sing? They have that unique sing-songy howl they do where it sounds as if theyre almost talking.

I feel bad for anybody that's going to college right now. The experience self has been tarnished. I hope they can go and at least get a little bit of time under their belt with no consequences.

I don't blame your little husky. What are you kidding me? I don't even want to tinkle with thunder. Come on, Mother Nature! April passed long ago. Thank you so much for the gorgeous flowers. How can anybody not love them?

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Nice husky dog. Looks still quite little for that dog.

Beautiful flower friends 😊