All Summer Long

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This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle whatever the week throws at you!


It's been a long week for Nymeria since her human went back to college. Good news is he will be coming back home after his classes finish Friday afternoon to visit for the weekend.

Take a second to click below so you can listen to the track I chose to go with my post🎶


Since Covid-19, our Sundays are pretty much like every other day of the week.


We let Nymeria dictate our schedule and oblige to her desires almost all of the time.


Fortunately, one of the things we have in common with Nymeria is all of us enjoy being outdoors (I can do without the constant blood-sucking mosquitoes attacks!). While our furbaby chases salamanders, catches bugs and eats anything else she finds in the backyard we keep busy with ongoing projects to make the deck and patio areas nicer.


Another Sunday down and another week gone in the unforgettable year of 2020!

Have a fantastic week!

Stay safe and keep healthy while following social distancing and local mandates regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

We all are in this together!

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Week 20 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for rehiving my post! @pixresteemer💯

Great choice in the tune! Of course Kid being from Detroit so we are all fans.

I like those wind chimes. I just bought some while on vacation.

You should move to VA. We cannot get over how we can be out all night and not be bothered! Main reason why I bought down there!

 5 months ago 

What a beautiful critter Nymeria is...! Great shots! 💜

Aww, thanks @thekittygirl💕

She's a rambunctious, little not-so-little, biting machine! Wish I could bottle some of her energy and turn it into a human supplement! 🐕💨

Hope you're having a good day!🌞

Nymeria is gorgeous. Look at that face, so clever she is, isn't she?
Wish you a wonderful week, Nina! ❤

I'm sure you don't need to be told but Nymeria is beautiful

The dog looks kind of sad.
Ah.. the large windchime similar to the ones I saw in @old-guy-photos
That Belgium beer is also brewed in Singapore

I'm sure Nymeria has been the center of attention in your audience. She is so beautiful.

Ah :)) Cool dog ... I'm sure this dog is also funny :))

Nymeria is such a beauty after we came back form Italy I picked up our two boys and they were stocked and so were we gonna vlog about it soon

So fine...😍 I need that Nymeria, such beauty. 😁

That Nymeria is a wise doggy. I can handle what ever the week throws at me.

I don't mollycoddle Sam. It's just coincidence that he gets what he wants when he wants-I was just on my way...

I'm not the world's biggest Kid Rock fan, but I love that video and song. I'd really like to have that Chris Craft that he's driving :)

Sam loves to be outside, too. Except much in the big summer here. He's pretty comfy under the AC with me. We walk most every morning (unless it's over 90f at sunrise. One of us has to be bright enough to know when it's too hot).

Which brings me to lemongrass/Eucalyptus oil. I give Sam a good spray before we head out the door. He hates it but knows it's what happens just before we open the door. It seems to keep the Ticks off Sam and the Flies off me. It's too hot here for many mosquitos. I have a commercial blend and also some pure oil. You can mix that 6 drops per pint for the same effect. Makes it really cheap protection.

Thanks for a great post.

Ooh, Husky's are such pretty dogs - their eyes are so breathtaking :)

thanks for share your sweet memories and photography. I like your dog very much. 😊

Nymeria is definitely queen of the throne, pup of pups posing with those gorgeous blue eyes over her kingdom.

!BEER looks as tasty option under big tree during summer heat, to idly while away time under soothing sound of wind chimes..


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Aw, that poor pooch having lost her human! Good thing she's got you there to spoil her.

I also like how the backyard improvements seem to include the Stella Artois!

She's so pretty and I love the way how she showed her face with so many emotions.

Thank you for the motivating post. I found it through @bigtom13 reblogging it. It is funny how some animals have so much in common with their humans. As an example; my dogs like to sleep and watch TV 😀

Good photo

sweetious, She looks so adorable. stay s

Nymeria is absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy summertime and the outdoors while you can, but those mozzies are always so pesky aren’t they!
We're slowly getting back to normal here with a high recovery rate so the schools also went back this week but we still have to be careful as there's always a second wave.
Take care and stay safe @ninahaskin!

So cute a dog...

Nymeria seems chilling, she has become a big girl...She is enjoying this summer I hope though they like winter too...

I feel for Nymeria with her "human" gone! Dogs are great for getting you outdoors - ours takes us on a walk every day!


She is very cute 🤗🥰

I wish we have normal.weekends too, sometimes I feel like it will never turn back. But for now, I just wish we all go though these time safe and sound and it end soon.

Take care, my dear😘