Entry for Photo Filters and Effect Contest Entry Week 24

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Another round of the Photo Filters and Effects Contest begins. The creativity has no boundries and you can see it yourself in the last post of @bliss11 who together with @drakernoise host this wonderful contest. Check it out 👉 here to learn about the rules and see who the winners of the previous round are.

I have to admit that usung Deep Dream Generator is anoter obsession of mine. So, it should not be surprise that my submission is an image that comes from there.


Let me show you how I came to that result.

First I chose a photo of flowers. This is the original image.


Then with Snapseed and ToolWiz I made the image look smooth and I added some texture.



My initial thought was to leave it as such and use this image as an entry. But like I said before DDG (Deep Dream Generator) is so obsessive, I could not help myself but to try some styles and see what would happen.

Here are all four different dreams I made but finally decided to use the last one.

Screenshot from Deep Dream Generator website.

And my favourite that I chose.


One of the reasons for my choice is because I like mosaics. And this is how my image turned out to look since the style I used was a picture of mosaic.

Hope you like it too.


Thank you for viewing.

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You know, the effect is very unexpected for me. At first I even thought that in the first photo there was a mosaic on the cladding of the house, or something like that. To be honest, I don't like filters in different applications, but this one really looks natural and impressive.👍

Thank you very much for your nice comment. I am more than happy that you like my creation.

Very surprising! Didn’t know they could be changed into many patterns and forms.

Oh, the options are endless.

Look at what we have here....😁 First of, the flowers are beautiful and very "yellow" a pretty yellow lol. The effects is something else...I like the different views you achieved...the one with different colours is pretty too...I can't seem to make good edits from deep dream though. 😭 Your choice for the entry is not a bad one either...I would have had hard time picking one for submission lol. Thanks for your entry. 🤗

It is always like that, I start with one image, than continue to see how it will look with another style and different colours and in the end I wonder which one to use to submit. LOL.

I love mosaics too, this one looks beautiful indeed but I would have chosen the second edit with texture 😛
That is when you start thinking “should have I?“ hahaha, no worries, don’t take me into account, I’m a bit naughty tonight 😁
Great job @nelinoeva, thanks for your entry dear 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you! 😀

Well, I have been wondering which one to choose for the entry. I am glad to hear your opinion.
More importantly is that I enjoyed creating every image. 😀

You created some lovely effects Neli. The mosaic one is lovely.

ThanksJo, glad you like them. 💕

A mi también me encanta jugar con deepdreamgenerator, a veces salen unas combinaciones espectaculares! Buena entrada Neli. 👍


¡Muchas gracias!

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