The taste of friendship (part 1)


We were strangers back then. We barely talk to each other. We hesitated to greet by our names. Just raise our eyebrows as a sign of knowing the faces. Sometimes showing a glimpse that we know the names. We're not friends yet and that's just our way how not to ignore someone. Both of us were ashamed to approach and to start a conversation. But something in our heart was waiting. We just didn't know how and what to do.



Days were counting and turned into months. Slowly we've shared time in one place. We often saw each other at that place. We heard their conversations and they heard ours. We answered their questions and they as well. Little by little, we joined laughter together with them. The next morning, we then thought that we were friends already.



We didn't know our names and yet we were so comfortable talking to each other. We never asked our names. We just knew from a friend to a friend. Then we started calling our names the next time we met. And after that, every time we will see each other. We comfortably group each other to do something we want. Like for example, eating food or finding food to eat, swimming into the beach or river, etc. We did random kinds of stuff just to kill time and to enjoy ourselves.



Since it's Christmas and it's a Holiday. We decided to do something more interesting. To do something crazier and happier. I started the meeting and they cooperated. I planned this to happen. Of course, I wanted something memorable. We may have differences in terms of our wants. But this time we agreed to only one "Want." Yes, we only wanted is "Happiness."



It's a month of preparation before we made this happen. We contributed 200 pesos to each person. This was to make sure that we will have food to eat. We will have a place to be to spend time with all of us. We will make sure to laugh all night long. To enjoy without worrying about the time. To rest when we will get tired because we don't want to separate our ways yet. To sleep while expecting to see the faces by tomorrow morning. It's fun to talk about what happened yesterday. It gives a different chill inside while sharing the crazy things we did.




The holidays will be over but the memories will stay forever. We may not make it happen all the time. We may not see our faces after this. We make sure that what we did will not be forgotten. It will be in our mind worth to remember even if how many years will pass. This is one of the tastes of happiness. I thank them or thank you guys for having memories that will be treasured forever.


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