The importance of the words of others (Mine)


Every one of us has its own differences. Attitude, appearance, personality and many more. There might be similarities but it doesn't mean we are all the same. There is that kind person but brave. A kind person but a coward. Even so, we must not judge the way they handle their lives. We should respect their perspectives and let them handle it. We may want to help them but we must not force them.

Lucky for you or us to have that courage to fight. How about those other people? Is it really fine to make them do what they wanted to do because we were concerned? We may share our words to enlighten them. We may give them tips to deal with it as we did. As always there's no guarantee that they will handle things in what we thought the right thing. Although, I want them to overcome their problems or fears. All I can do for them are my words that will reach their hearts and minds.

I'm not a psychiatrist to have confidence that my words are healthy to their thoughts. I didn't study or attend seminars to make sure that what I will be telling is fruitful. These words to share or to come out from my mouth are my own. I thought of helping them but it will be up to them if they can do it or not. It depends on their judgment or resolves how they will understand me.


Some words might be improper. Some might be beneficial. My main reason for sharing my words with someone is to help. I know how it feels like to have a broken heart. I experienced that anguished feeling. I even recall myself having an agony back then. It's painful. It's unbearable. That's why, if someone is willing to have me to help them. I will gladly accept it and be with them. I want to help them by just talking and comforting them. It's not a responsibility or an obligation. I just feel like I want to be of help.

I'm fully aware that my words will not pierce their heart to let the pain come out. I know totally that my words will not change what they've been imagining as of that moment. I still keep on talking and being with them. It will not happen right away. They need time before they can recover from it. I must endure and understand what they've been through. I know their pain but I don't understand what they're feeling. I will take time as long as they still want me to be around.

Although it depends on them how they will accept my words. My words will be hurtful because I just want to state the reality. They may think that I never cared for their feelings. Actually, that's my way of deliberating my personal thoughts about this matter. I don't intend to be rude or something. I just want to let my words replaced the pain.

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Good to read your thoughts Mr. May you be blessed with new insights based on your experience and awareness.

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Thank you so much. Yeah, I wrote this because of what I've been through 2 weeks ago.

Whether our own words have any affect on another or not - I think the power behind them is in the expression of the words themselves. The mere verbalisation or writing of them is healing. Lovely post.


Thanks, and yeah the words and the efforts that matters.

There is a saying here: "It's the thought that counts." And despite what they feel now, they won't forget you reached out to them.

Yeah, because it may help someone to recover.

Thanks engine..