"Leave or forgive?"


Mistakes are inevitable for all of us. We are not perfect. We are capable of committing mistakes in our life. We are all aware of course. Although, the pain can be caused by it will be sometimes hard to handle. Especially when it's about emotional concerns. Like being betrayed, being cheated or being fooled. We are just ordinary human beings that disappointment will make us furious. Who will not when you bestow your hope, trust and faith.

The worst-case in testing your patience when having a broken heart. You loved that person so much. You trusted that person so much because you have faith. Just one mistake, your trust will never be fixed again. Just like a tainted dress that will never be cleaned again. Like the mistake will never be gone. If you will focus on your pride that's what will happen. If we will let our mind calm and understand what happened. We could tell that it's not good to conclude right away.

Maybe mistakes will never be forgotten, but. It can be forgiven, it depends on how you want something to continue. If you really love that person. If you don't want to let go of that person. If you want to make your relationship alive again. There's no other choice but to forgive. But before you will decide to forgive. Know yourself first what? do you want to happen? Like, is it fine to accept that person's mistake. Like you still want that person to be part of your life despite the wrongs that happened.

If you can't accept what that person did to you. If you will just force yourself to ignore the pain it caused. Maybe you should decide to "leave." The more you keep on clinging to the past. You keep on reminding that person just did. You will never have a peaceful mind or a happy relationship. If you're just unsure why you still want that person to stay. Maybe you just misunderstood your feelings. Maybe you just want that person to feel what you felt after what happened. If you'll think that way. I recommend you to let it go and move on.

I know it's hard to forgive but ask yourself first. Do you want to give that person a second chance or not? It will be up to you but think about what makes you happy. Try to think also, by giving another chance. You will realise that it's important. You will understand if what you've been feeling is true. Just like treating a family. No matter what they'll do. We will always give them a chance to fix themselves. That's why forgive first before you will think to leave.

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Chance is better

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Chance or change

Giving chance then if it happens again that will be the time to change.

doesnt make sense but ok