"Parol" (a lantern) | (5th day before Christmas)

Christmas decors are one of the signs of Christmas. The lights and lanterns will be the one to give colours. They are the things to make every establishment prettier. It will not just give lights and beautification of Christmas. It will make Christmas feel alive. If you'll see it you will understand that it's Christmas.

Aside from Christmas lights. Do you have an idea what kind of decoration is popular in the Philippines? I know in every country we can always see Christmas lights. There will be lanterns maybe but there are different types of it. Some were made from paper, plastic, metallic, etc. Although the most popular decoration in the Philippines is "parol." It's a Tagalog word or Philippines native language.

"Parol" will be made from different materials. It can be called "parol" when its form is like a star. I'm not sure how is a star looks like. Let's just assume it's like that according to the books. But "parol" is not a Tagalog word from a star. It's a Tagalog word where a lantern formed a star. From the images, you can see that a lot of different types of materials the "parol" was made. Those people who made it just wanted to be creative.

Some were made from coconut shells, papers, bamboo trees, metallic, etc. Then it will be added with lights to make it prettier. Some are just pretty without lights maybe. That's why they prefer not to place one. It depends on those people's taste who made it. Also, if you want to have like this. A lot of Filipinos are making like this to sell it on the street. Please tell me if you have this parol in your country.

Maybe a lot of decorations will be placed if not just because of a pandemic. Thanks to it, only a few houses have decorations. Well, it's not that spirit will be lessened. It's just that it feels kind of different to have these decorations. Imagine lighting every house full of colours. To see "parol" everywhere as a sign of Christmas. For sure, no time to worry while the spirit of Christmas is on us.

Since it's happening, we have no choice but to face it. The more important is that the pandemic can't stop the essence of Christmas. It can't stop us from celebrating it. We will just accept it and share the joy with everyone. Let's stop worrying, for now, to make us braver to fight challenges to come.

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