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One of the benefits of HIVE is the number of communities in it. However, not all of them assume and practice what it is to make a community. Making community is the essence of our stay in the blockchain.

Since good things are shared, today I want to invite you to join one that is more than a community, it is a true family.

It is POWERHOUSECREATIVES, a family of kind and warm people, who, from the beginning, receive you with their open arms and heart, no matter where you come from, what is important to them is, your love for what you do, the commitment and quality you put into your work and, above all, that you want to make community by sharing with these beautiful people.

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Since I joined PHC's server, I have felt at home, and even though I don't speak the same language, I always feel at home. The support that each person in this family gives you is incredible.

Their leader, the beautiful @jaynie, is an admirable person for a combination of several qualities that are basic to success: firmness to say things with complete sincerity (all to move the community forward in a positive way), sweetness (her treatment is beautiful for everyone who comes to the family), honesty and the desire that her community progresses towards true success, which is nothing more than the progress and commitment of her people.

If you are a quality content creator (no matter the subject matter, here there is breadth and receptivity) and have passion and love for your work, PHC is your place. I invite you to join the best HIVE family, the warmth of home, love of family, sincere support, those are qualities that today make me invite you to POWERHOUSECREATIVES.

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Connecting with other individuals, communicating efficiently and working together effectively is one of the most critical aspects of any successful community project, business or initiative. The Power House Creatives has been working together as a team to support and grow the genuinely passionate individuals on our blockchain since October 2017. We are proactive on all social media platforms - actively supporting the content published on our community feed. We work closely with the founders of @theterminal - who are members of our community too - assisting and guiding newer members of Hive, creating a seamless transition from an introductory space to one which nurtures the enthusiasm and creativity of each individual.

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Our discord server is where we connect, brainstorm, assist members, highlight worthy Hive news, problem solve and simply chit chat - connecting in a more personal and direct space so that we can all get to know one another better as well as bring together ALL the social media aspects like Torum and Twitter activity and efforts.


Everyone is welcome in our house

ALL content topics are welcome on our community feed



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Torum is a relatively new social media platform connecting people in the blockchain arena and we would like to invite you to join us there too. It is a fun and casual space where we connect with and support our community members as well as connect with other individuals on Hive and beyond. You can join us by registering below.


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We are VERY proactive on Twitter - sharing MANY of our content creators posts every day not only via our PHC TWITTER ACCOUNT


but ALSO via THE LUV BUG. Every SINGLE share is "uniquely" catered for in terms of hashtags and attracting the RELEVANT audience within and outside of the Hive space.


Hive is not simply a blockchain - it is a decision, a mindset and a like minded community that shares in the growth of such.

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Join the great ones in soul and talent, come to POWERHOUSECREATIVES, I am here and you, what are you waiting for?

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The best voices are those born from the heart.

Thank you for taking the time for this reading.



¡Hermoso post!❤️ Efectivamente, cuando encontramos un lugar en dónde se nos recibe, se nos valora y se nos trata con familiaridad, no sólo queremos volver, sino que deseamos quedarnos. Recuerdo una frase de la escritora Maya Angelou, quien afirmó: “Las personas olvidarán lo que dijiste y lo que hiciste, pero nunca olvidarán cómo las hiciste sentir.”😊¡Un placer leerte querida @marybellrg! ¡Saludos!🌹

Beautiful post! ❤ Indeed, when we find a place where we are welcomed, valued and treated with familiarity, we not only want to come back, but we want to stay. I remember a phrase from the writer Maya Angelou, who said: "People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel "😊 A pleasure to read you dear @marybellrg! Salutations!🌹

Muchisimas gracias por este bello y apreciado comentario, querida @yohanys. Powerhousecreatives es un lugar mágico donde uno se siente en casa. Gracias por pasar y valorar, si no estás en la comunidad, espero te unas pronto, y si ya estas, disfrútalo mucho. Un gran abrazo! Eres siempre bienvenida a mi blog...

Excelente información, y más para mi que estoy en busca de buenas comunidades. Y tienes mucha razón, la esencia del blockchain es hacer comunidad, sin ello, nada de esto existiría. Ya los sigo!

Hola amiga @marybellrg, tienes razón es una linda comunidad POWERHOUSECREATIVES. Y @jaynie, es muy amigable y me parece una persona muy especial.
Un abrazo.


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Hola amiga, muy complacida con tu lectura, muy amena. Gracias por la invitación que haces para participar en powerhousecretives, estaré muy pendiente de tu planteamiento. Saludos

Perfect I would like to be part!