Taking a Break from Working in the Garden to eat the Garden


I am taking a break from the garden - the truth is that the work there is not ever going to be done and there are days, days like today when the sun is hiding behind clouds, where it seems like I am not making any progress and just want to throw in the towel.

Time to have lunch. A lunch from the garden always makes me feel better (so does chocolate but I don't have any 🤪)

Let me tell you what I have in my big bowl there - and that is how I like to fix my salads. If I try to use a normal serving size bowl, everything just spills out all over and I have a big mess on my counter.

I started out with a lot of greens. I have this baby romaine growing right now.

As you can see, all kinds of critters are liking this lettuce as well. We had way more rain than we usually do and have lots of little slugs eating away. Once harvested, I soak the leaves in saltwater for a little bit. The slugs don't like that and let go of the leaves. And the fly in the photo - I didn't eat that one either 😂

This is the other kind I have in the garden right now and I forgot the name of it. I just keep harvesting the outer leaves and it keeps growing and growing.

After washing the salad and drying the leaves with a salad spinner, I ripped them in bite-size pieces. I added some fermented carrot/cabbage type kraut, hard-boiled eggs from my chickens, sunflower seeds, and I think that was it. I forget things fast 🤫

The dressing was some homemade fire cider and olive oil. So good! Fast and filling - that is if you eat a huge bowl as I did.

If you don't know what #Grovid20 means, let me tell you. @TigerLily started the hashtag when all the posts were about Covid19 and we all were and are so sad about it. #Grovid20 is about sharing our gardens and plants, looking at all the beautiful things we can do now, and looking into the positive future! 

Join us! Also, tweet it out using #grovid20


I am not sure that anything beats the yummy taste of a fresh garden! Hi Marianne! @mariannewest

Your garden is growing nicely, despite the critters sharing it with you. Thank you for sharing the new tag with us!

Have a great night!


Thank you!! It is always so nice to see you!

I'm so lazy, Marianne! By the time I finish on both platforms (as some are still there and how can you ignore them?) I have no time... which is no different than where I have always been. You know....Timeless. LOL

hahaha - yes, timeless! I so can relate to the no time and so cannot relate to all the people who are bored right now. There is so much we all can do!!
Anyway, let me just introduce you to something else that is going to steal time 😂
I have been way more active on this platform and a lot of Steemians are there now. Personally, I cross-post between all three. Uptrennd reminds me a lot of Tsu. A lot of commenting and friendships going on - and the management is super supportive. here is the referral link - we both get 100 1up if you use it :)

I have actually never heard of it. I'll check it out! I just took a peek and perhaps you can tell me a tiny bit about it before I sign up. How does it work?

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Thank you so much!

Wow that looks so delicious. How self sufficient you are. So amazing, really :) And finally you get a reward you should get all the time with all your posts ;)

That is such a sweet thing to say! thank you!

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Oh come one, little fly extra protein LOL, seriously though leafy products do attract everything you don't want in a garden, but deal with it you must.

Looks like a super wholesome light meal, knowing it is from the garden fresh takes eating to another new level.

Have a wonderful day Marianne.


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Growing own food is a blessing!

Nice to get a great looking salad from all your hard work in the garden,

It's always nice to see things go from theoretical to practical. Or is that from potential to kinetic? I get confused.

I like the 'big bowl theory' myself. I always thought it was because I am a slob, but I like your theory. :)

You're amazing, @mariannewest! I would gladly come help out in your garden and get paid in salad. If only I lived a little closer!

I'm not much of a gardener myself, but my dad always had a good-sized garden and I always thought the best thing about the garden was eating a salad made from the stuff that he grew. I also used to take a salt shaker out to the garden and eat fresh tomatoes off the vine. They were SO delicious!

That salad looks fabulous!

Reblogged and upvoted on behalf of PHC. You can't beat fresh from the garden.

Hello friend @mariannewest

You are very fortunate to have an edible garden.

That salad looks very appetizing.

Can you send me a little bit by mail? hehe

Happy lunch

You have the best garden ever. 💕

Nothing like a garden fresh salad! love it! 😋

#grovid20! I love it! And your yummy looking salads are inspiring me to try to build some form of garden again this year.

Yes!! We need more gardens in the world!!

Hm, something went wrong with the comment, but I think I`ve managed to send the tip ;)

Crisp, crunchy and so delicious. You have an amazing garden. Beautiful!
Greetings :)

Thank you so much!!

Having fresh produce straight from the garden is so satisfying plus it tastes so much better, your salad looks really good! We have all kinds of critters eating our veggies as well plus monkeys which is a real problem!

it must be very beautiful your garden with all those plants

Que belleza. Nada mejor que cocinar con lo que produce la tierra de un hogar no sólo por la frescura y el sabor de los ingredientes que provee sino por el amor implícito en la siembra y cosecha