Quarantine Daily Creativity Challenge

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When you embrace social distancing through making online creative content, you learn how to cope with the difficulties of this quarantine life.

When life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade.

It is fun producing uplifting content. It is good for yourself and also for others as it can bring a smile upon their faces. It makes our lives a bit more enjoyable.

Being stuck at home for so long it is not easy. A lot of people have decided to unleash their creativity and fight boredom via creating online content.

I invite you to become an observer and notice the funny things around you. Try to see an upsetting situation through a different lens and make the best of it. Throughout the day, you will find at least one or two moments that will make you smile.

When that happens, seize the opportunity and push your creativity a bit further. Make a sketch, a v-log, write a blog post, create a poem or a song. Use whatever medium is more appealing to you or what you have available to convey that message.

Take it as a creativity challenge if you like. Or think of it as a unwinding moment, when you get to take a break free from your chores or work. Imagine it as moment where you allow yourself to unplug from the rest of the world and focus on yourself or something that makes you relax.

When you perform an activity you enjoy, your bubbling frustrations will reach lower levels which will help you ride the storm later on.

So why not acknowledge the struggles and try to see how we can turn them into our favour or at least into easier things to deal with?

Start by making a list of the things the drive you nuts these days. Once you made your list, ask yourself what would help you overcome these obstacles? Do they require a major change? Is it something that you could adapt to? How essential are these things to you?

More you dig into them, easier will be for you to understand the nature of your problem and to find a viable solution. Once you will see you have options, the self-isolation days won`t look so bleak anymore.

How are you dealing with the quarantine life?


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Lavi Picu is the author of three soulful poetry collections: Whiteless Thoughts, Burden of love and Tales of a moody heart. She is a Canadian writer, majored in Linguistics, with a background in translations and writing. She’s also a ghost writer, a blogger with a focus on arts and health, a Lyme disease advocate, a mother and a self-taught artist.

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I agree

When you perform an activity you enjoy, your bubbling frustrations will reach lower levels which will help you ride the storm later on.

In my family there was never room for iddleness. It was frown upon to seeanyone doing nothing for more than 5 minutes. It was a rural town; there were chores to do, all the time.
I see people complaining on social media, desperate, even crying that this quarantine is driving them crazy. I just can't believe they have nothing constructive to do with their time.
I have lots fo work, translation assignment; I help my daughters with their homework; I read, watch movies, do chores, run errands; there isn't really much free time as such.
Great post

Thank you, @hlezama! There is always a choice. If some chose to complain instead of actually doing something, that is their loss. The change has to come from within. Thanks for your visit!

I invite you to become an observer and notice the funny things around you.

I've been enjoying a little of this. I had a wonderful moment the other day.

my partner was driving me to the shops, in the way, we went past a round around a the entrance to a housing complex. Outside the gates, next to a path of lawn, was a very pissed off looking man, a big guy, partly balding, very red in the face, and he looked utterly exhausted. Next to him, on the grass, lay a giant fluffy tibetan mastiff. You know, the huge huge dogs that look like a lion cross with a bear. He was tugging that lead, and calling to the dog, but it just wouldn't move. Lay out on the grass, in the sunshine as happy as can be. There was something that was just so funny about it, more in the way the dog completely disregarded the man than anything else, it was like something straight out of a 'who's-walking-who'sketch. This massive dog was flopped out like it was sun bathing and just looked so happy. We went to the shops, and no joke, 30 minutes later, drove back, and they were still there! The scene had changed greatly, the man now also sat on the grass, massaging his tense brow,loudly on the phone to someone - presumably the main owner of the dog. He was just getting to the end of the call as we pulled up to the round about, and after a fair amount of huffing and puffing, and the odd "bloody dog" he hung up, and lent back on his elbows next to the dog, finally giving in and enjoying the sun.

It seemed both funny, and fitting, he former anger and frustration, determined to enforce his will on the dog, followed by his later relief and to some degree peace in accepting that he couldn't. Ranting about it, setting his frustrations free, asking for help, and then finding he was able to sit back and enjoy the sunshine. He must've been there for a good 40 minutes, struggling, he was so red faced and sweaty at that point, but the way the frustration melted away once he stopped letting it drive him. There was something i found very cathartic in the scene.

I'm trying to be as creative as I can at the moment, I have plenty of time, but it's not something that I can force so well, i'm trying to let it peculate, hopefully, it will come out when it's ready but no matter how many which ways I turn it over, i can't find a way to overcome the obstacles I have at the moment. I'm not being constructive all the time like some people are suggesting others should be, in disbelief as to how that isn't the case. Its harder seeing the condemnation for that, the judgement for not taking action to change a situation, but surely sometimes, it is better to accept the dog won't move, quit trying to force it, and join it in enjoying the sun. That's where i'm trying to get to. In terms of making a list, I don't know how to get my metaphorical dog to move, partly because thinking about that first questions, I realized, i don't think I know what would help me overcome the obstacles in the long run without making them far worse in the short run.

Very thought provoking post. Thank you.

Wow! This is the type of comment anyone is hoping for when writing a post! Such moments are inspiring. I do feel bad for the dog`s owner but I agree with you that it was cathartic. Thank you for stopping by!


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Thank you! Have a great day!

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Thank you!

Very good message, friend @lymepoet

It is true, the Quarantine has allowed us to explore our creativity in ways that we did not know, in addition, it offers us a necessary distance from big and small problems.

Excellent. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for stopping!

Some of us are lucky in that our day to day hasn't been horribly impacted. My boys are really beginning to feel like they're in a rehabilitation centre, though. I do like the idea of finding something of the day that makes you smile! Positivity is always awesome.

Same goes for us. It feels like an super-extended long weekend. Except for the fact that we have not been spending time outdoors biking, nothing has changed. ;0)

Our craziness will goes out because of being bored. It's good to observe because we have nothing to these days. Some you might see it funny and some you might not. But the important of it is you know how to handle the things surround you even being in quarantine.

good post tho.

When you turn from actor to observer, there are plenty of moments where one can draw inspiration from. Thanks for stopping by!

I need the message behind your post, that image is great.

Thanks! I had fun drawing that image. I was inspired by my neighbours who were quarrelling on their balcony about him having too much to drink.

Pending my list, I think I'm doing OK. I'm really solitary by nature and quite comfortable with that. I may actually have more, rather than less people coming by for (something) a visit. They are going crazy and know I'll always welcome friends into my home.

I'm guessing if I really sit right down and make a list that it hasn't changed significantly due to Coronavirus. The things that irked me before mostly still get me going :)

Thanks for a great primer on staying sane.

There was a meme going around about how this virus has impacted the extroverts and the introverts. The later were just fine, while the extroverts were going nuts. ;0)

There are so many things to keep busy with! I hardly don't have enough time to do house chores! And with the little projects that at last I have now time to do!!!

There's just so many.. I agree with you @lymepoet, be creative! 😉

If only we could squeeze a few more hours within the day! I know the feeling. ;0)

Great advice, thanks for sharing!!

You`re welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

Being creative is going outdoors to spy out life, looking for uplifting things to smile about.

Getting up and walking at least half a dozen times a day has been a habit for the last ten years.

Keep looking, keep finding, there is a lot to keep one content, life is worth living.

I could not agree more with you, @joanstewart! There is so much beauty around us. All we have to do is look and be open to see it, even in the most unexpected places.

I've found streaming and making posts of here has really helped me in a number of ways these past few months.

It's kept me focused and away from my old habits of rotting away and self neglect.

It's definitely something I'm going to continue with!

Glad to hear you enjoy creating content and posting it here. It`s a great way to stay afloat, positive during these strange times and do something you like. Thanks for the visit!

I think that's so true - many more people are discovering how fun and rejuvenating it can be to get creative and develop some kind of content, whether for their own amusement or for others! It's a great time to find connection online, and the more we can find ways to occupy ourselves without going out into the world, the more we can help to stem this tide of this... thing. It really does help to not spend all of your time staring out the window and wishing it would go away!

I loved seeing so many creative posts online these past month. It sort of reinforced the idea that if people would not have to spend countless hours forking to make a living, their creativity will skyrocket and that will help the world evolve, become a better place. When all of your needs are covered, there is no need to commit crimes.

I like the way you think! That's a beautiful vision, @lymepoet. And I would love to see it come true.

That’s a great cartoon. I didn’t know if hose bottles were full of medicine or booze. Either way it probably helped the virus symptoms. :)

Thanks! There were bottles of wines. ;0)

I find that sometimes it is easier to be creative than others at the moment. I have to go with the flow!

I feel the same way! Less stress and more free time!

Love,love this! When life gives us lemons, we Must make lemonade! Cheers to you and your family, be safe and healthy!

Cheers to lemonade! Be well!

I'm am extrovert parading around as an introvert. I am fine with quiet time, but, also like a good time. But, I'm working anyway, so I am not going nuts. :)

I know some of my siblings are going nuts and here I thought they were introverts! LOL


It`s funny to see how times like these can reveal so much about our personality.

That is sooooo true!!! :)

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Great work. We'll keep each other safe. 💕

Thanks! Sounds like a plan!

Thanks for your advice. I am not a good writing but I like photography so I have fun editing and being creative with them. 😉

Photography is a great hobby. I used to call my camera "my second baby". ;-)

I've been keeping myself busy trying to do a Hive post a day, cooking and baking more than usual, gardening, trying different designs for masks but am now quite fed up with lockdown, ours is too strict! But we'll keep on making lemonade, actually have been making it:)
Nice post @lymepoet!

You are doing quite a lot, @lizelle! Take care of you!