Srey Yuu's ✍️ Daily Hive Journal 📓 #3

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I'm 10 years old, and this Daily Hive Journal helps me learn how to post and use Hive all by myself.

Srey Yuu's Daily Hive Journal and its template are supervised by Dad 👳‍♂️ (@justinparke).
#1 - Shoot and crop an 800x480 cover image by yourself using the Canva iOS app.
#2 - Type and proofread all your text with the help of only the Grammarly keyboard iOS app.
#3 - Write this journal 5 days a week from Monday to Friday when possible.
#4 - Write a minimum of 50 words in each section.
#5 - Take 2 additional photos and crop at 1680 x 1292px using the Canva iOS app.

Hive Journal 📓 #3
Date 📅 Thursday, April 30th, 2020
Location 🗺️ Paramaribo, Suriname

🏃‍♀️ What I Did Today 👩‍💻

     I helped my mom made dessert. Also, I studied Khan Academy, Rosetta Stone, and typing. I picked some fruit. But, I don't know what they called that fruit. Now, I'm in Redfish Rally @brittandjosie. She helped me. I played the game UNO with my sister. Also, I commented a lot today. I prepared my bedroom. Also, I studied in E-School Cambodia.

🧘 What I Learned Today ✍️

      I learned the words in Spanish is marrón means brown, postre means dessert and paraguas means an umbrella. Now, I know how to make dessert yummy. Also, I learned how to read long words. I learned how to made doll dress and skirt better. I learned the words competition, scarf and kingdom in English.

📸 2 Pictures From Today 🤳

cherry near our house

desserts my mom made

🧠 My Thoughts... 🤔

      I want to have fun with my family. Also, I want to study English more every day. I want to make a doll dress, shirt and socks. I want to be a chef when I grow up or a pilot. Also, I want to cook for dinner. Also, tomorrow I want to watch a movie. Now, I want to make a new post. I want all of you to read my post tomorrow.


website coming soon!!
Monkey B




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Thank you very much

You're welcome @kidsisters🙂👍

Good daughter!👩‍🦰

Thanks mom

The fruit and dessert look yummy! 😋

Yes, it very yummy 😋.

 9 months ago 

I like the photo of you with the umbrella! That is a cute dress! I like dresses, too! Cherries are one of my favorite fruits! 😃

Oh, okay but that cherry is sour.thank you so much. Thank you for comment everyday.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you so much for comment and read my post.

I love your photo! Who took the picture! Welcome to Hive!!! I;m sure you have lots of help, but, if you ever need to know something, ask your father! He knows everything.

Those cherries look delicious!


Thank you very much I also like cherry. My dad also help me put code.

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Excellent! A good way to start in this plataform and practice to write your feelings.

I think that the brain is a muscle and only increase your capabilities whit the excersice.

I want see how you engrow every day, dont stop!


Okay, I post it very day from Monday to Friday. Thank you so much🙏

That's a lot of activities in a day! Super productive! Thank you for sharing your journal!

That okay and thank you

Welcome :)

I guess I will be learning Spanish from you from now on ;)

Have fun!

I know a little Spanish. I try to learn Spanish on Rosetta Stone.

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It looks like you were busy Srey-Yuu, and everything you did will help you in life and on hive too! I think you and Monkey B will have lots of fun and success! 🙂

Yep, I always busy I study a lot.

Beautiful photograph. she is enjoying weather.

Yep, you right it rain yesterday.

Welcome! I am studying Spanish too! It's fun isn't it? You are quite a busy girl 😃 I will look forward to seeing more of your posts.

You right Spanish is beautiful Language.

I love your photos! For a 10 year old you're doing a great job blogging. Keep it up! I know that you'll do good in the future. May you have a happy Weekend :)

Thank you very much for read my post.

Welcome yo Hive!! 🎉 I am sure you're going to love being here. Have a fun!

Thank you so much for comment and read my post.

Welcome! I wanted to be a pilot when I was a child and grew up to be a chef...
That's a very nice photo of you under the paraguas.

Thank you 🙏. You just like me.

Well done! Great idea for your dad to make you the template to make for an interesting journal!
Sounds like your days are pretty full with lots of learning going on!
thanks for sharing some of your day in Paramaribo, Suriname!
I live in the Boreal forest of Saskatchewan, Canada!

WOW, you live in a forest. That was cool and thank you.🙂🙂