Inflation Hits the North Pole: Power House Creatives : My Gift to You

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PowerHouseCreatives Contest | My Gift To You

"Santa, Santa, hurry, come quickly. We've got a situation."

Santa smiled, then got up slowly, accepted a cup of tea from Mrs. Clause, then made his way to his Workshop. The scene he came upon was not a pretty one. The Elves were in utter chaos, bustling around the workbenches, whispering, rolling their eyes, and throwing their hands in the air as if in nervous confusion.

"Which one of you pulled the alarm? and what's the urgent matter?" Santa said slowly in order to calm his workers.

"But Santa," one of the younger Elves who follow social media said frantically, "there's a rumor that @zord189 is telling everyone on Steemit that our shop is going to experience a work stoppage. He told them they have to write about their gifts and where they got them from. Seems like @zord189 has sipped some spiked egg nod? Everyone knows all gifts come from the North Pole from Santa's Workshop. Has @zord189 gone mad?"

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"Well, Elves." I didnt know how to tell you this, but inflation has reached us. We can't keep up with supply and demand, and the price increase for our tools and equipment have ballooned out of control. Therefore, with sadness, I have to tell you that I have no choice but to outsource half of our gifts this year."

"But Santa, the Elder Elf pointed out, we were in the middle of finishing up gifts for over a million of our loyal believers. What are we to do now? I'm in the middle of a gift for @justclickindiva. A sad case, Santa. She's in desperate need of relief, and I've been working on her gift all year. It's special, Santa."

Santa sighed, then shook his head. Reiterating his sadness over the situation, he told them he understood, but they needed to conduct turnover, takeover first thing Monday morning of all specialty gifts and pending notes and letters to credible third party vendors immediately.

"Ok, Santa. But what about @justclickindiva. She's my special client this year. I'm almost finished. Can I continue?"

"NO," Santa responded.

So the Elder Elf called HoMedics to give them the specifications on my gift in order to finish it. He sent my partially finished gift to them. To his surprise, the customer service sales person he spoke to was polite and understanding. Elder Elf was somewhat satisfied he'd made the right choice, but my gift wouldn't have his seal of excellence stamped on it.

You see, my back, shoulders, and neck had started to hurt again, so I forwarded my letter a few months ago to Santa for a gift he thought appropriate to provide some relief.
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Wow, was I surprised last Thursday to receive a new Shiatsu 3D TruTorch Massage Cushion with Soothing Heat. It's perfect for my office chair. I haven't opened the box yet. I'm going to wrap it in honor of Elder Elf to show my appreciation for his hard work, even though he didn't get a chance to finish it. Then I'll open it up on Christmas Day and be so thankful for Santa and Elder Elf.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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What a delightful story, @justclickindiva! I bet you had fun writing it!

Hi @jayna. Yes, definitely did have fun. I don't consider myself a funny person. More serious, and I think it reflects in some of my writing. But my mom always said I had a strange sense of humor, much like herself.

Thanks so much for taking the time to view my post. Glad you liked it. Take care.

A great story here my friend and we hope that the gift will really help to relieve your symptoms. A great take also on @zord189 here hahaha.

Thanks so much. Glad you liked it. And yes, the gift will definitely help my sitting at the computer for an extended length of time. Appreciate your support and encouragement.

My pleasure and of course you will use the gift well my friend!

This is so sweet @justclickindiva :) Good to know Santa pulled through for you, there's nothing like a sore back during the holidays, lol Blessings!

Hi @birdinparadise. Yes, he certainly did, and just in time for Xmas. I wasn't able to do any cooking except for a couple cakes and pies. Way less than my normal activity. It's my osteoarthritis in my back, neck, shoulders, hands, and knees. I had back and knee surgery, but nothing can be done for arthritis in those joints.

Appreciate you stopping by and for your support.

Great story! I’m happy to see you got a great gift after all, @justclickindiva.

Hi. Yes, got a super great gift. Can't vouch for the quality assurance yet until I open and use it. Hope for the best.

You made me laugh with the title, lol.

Well, it was inevitable. Glad you liked it.

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Have a fun Xmas month of work :)

Thanks @manoldonchev. Thank you for stopping by and viewing my post.

Same to you and your family.

What a neat take on the story! That must really be what it is like for the elves up at the north pole. Santa is going to need to start charging a fee!

Hi @wwwiebe. No more free gifts. Can't imagine that! Have a great day and happy holiday season.

I could feel my mind switching from reality to fairytale - what a great way to make a story :)

Hi @seadbeady. It's a magical time of the year for me. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view my post. I appreciate it very much. I'm glad you liked my story. My grandchild writes letters to Santa, so I had a good idea that I might as well ask for something really useful too. My arthritis will thank me for it.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

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awesome news. TYVM.

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to view my post and selecting it. I appreciate yourhighlighting and the exposure.

Merry Christmas @justclickindiva 💕🎄


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I'd love to have one of those massage cushions. After hours at work sitting down the cushion sounds like a great relief.

Hi. I'll test it out for you and let you know if it works, lol

Thanks for viewing my post.

Haha, great story! Peering in on the happenings at the North Pole, and the reactions of the elves, learning that their jobs have been compromised by modern business economics.

Very creative @justclickindiva!

Hi. Well, one really must keep up with global events in order to become known as an intellectual, lol

So glad you liked my story. Thanks for taking the time to view it. Have a great day.

Enjoy the gift, relaxing into the chair, just don't fall asleep @justclickindiva

Hi. lol, I'll try not to. The hardest part will be keeping hubby from skirting it away to his recliner.

Thanks for viewing my post. Take care,

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I like the way you put in some names of phc there, seems to be a thing these days. Nice story to get us all in the Christmas mood...

hi @wales. Thanks for stopping by and viewing my post. I don't know about anyone else, but I usually do put names of individuals in my posts if they are relevant to what I'm writing about. I mentioned @zord189's name in my previous PHC post about his contest for only having one week to live.

Appreciate your comments.

Gonna tell the story of Elder elf to the guys

great idea. thanks for stopping by. good luck.

Cute story! I guess no one is safe from inflation!
Thanks for sharing! That would be a wonderful gift for a sore back!

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