Our Love..... Unpristined..... (An Original Poetry)

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Our Love..... Unpristined

In this moment,
it feels comforting
to die in the comfort
of your bosom
like a swan
gliding steady waters.
in this turbulence,
it seems so healing
to surrender my caution
to dangerous waves
for this fear heals

Your embrace
feels like familiar ditties
like carols
on a beautiful
taciturn evening.
as if fades in
a new melody is born
from my lips
as it speaks keenly of you.

as time hyperlapses
quickly before our very eyes.
I could feel you,
invisible to my naked eyes.
yet you come like
a gentle breeze
in scorching moments.
to dampen
fiery thoughts
from my flaming mind.

like an eagle
coasting blue clouds
i seek solemnly
to reside in your
as it brings assurance.
for I'm left in doubt
like a fool
chasing just clouts

For gold and silver;
a frivolity
that dissolves
into nothing...
as it decapitates
into lonely days.
while your laughter
rocks my boat
my reveries of you
reminds me that I'm alive.

As curtains falls,
your comeliness reveals
like a new moon,
out in the farthest of skies
it blazes in the ears
like the softest of warbling
it brings to heart
a tender vibrations
of when our laughter
was like music
to our now broken souls




Written by @Josediccus


All Images Owned By Me.

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