An Ordinary Day

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It’s just another ordinary day at home.

I’ve just finished watching a video by The Elliott Homestead where they touch on this topic while giving a peek into A Day in Their Life.

My interest was piqued when I saw someone on Twitter shared their videos with this caption:

“Most people slave away to have a life like this and then forget to do it.”

If you’re interested too, you can watch it here.

The wholesomeness of their lives is evident in the ten-minute long footage of them going about their daily tasks of making buttered toast for breakfast, plucking blueberries and so on.

The family practically oozes contentment and peace, and a state of being that is so foreign to what I’m used to in the city. The aura is invigorating, to say the least.


I don’t live in a homestead. Neither do I manage a farm. I think I would be missing the point of that vlog if watching it makes me wonder about what I do not have (that is, a country life and its accompaniments like cows and geese).

Instead, I believe that ordinary days which are just perfect can be lived out right here. Right where I am.

Time slows down when I’m at home, taking a break between household duties.

I can actually feel the breath of Time upon my cheek, whispering like a loving mother to her frazzled child.

Hush now, you can rest now…

It’s where I have no obligations yelling for my attention at the top of their lungs from every corner of the street.

No one to answer to, no mask (quite literally in this Covid-19 period) to wear.

I can be myself, luxuriating in the calm bath of contentment. Not in a spa outside, but in the most therapeutic oasis which is called Home.


Sometimes I literally think there is something wrong with me.

I see how hustle and bustle as well as the constant striving for more things is celebrated. Going out and filling your calendar is far superior to wasting time at home.

I see all of this and yet I don’t see the same desires reflected in the watery mirrors of my own soul. I wonder if my body and senses are sending me accurate messages, whether I can fully trust their words.

I wonder why I’m different and don’t wish to huff and puff and treat my home like a semi-hotel. I should do them like everyone else…right?

It’s almost as if I inhaled a powerful deliriant at Dewer’s Hollow (pardon the Sherlock reference, I finally just got round to watching Season 2 several years late). That I feel things everybody else is oblivious to.

That I am swimming upstream against the currents when everybody else is persuading me to just go with the flow and pursue the same prizes.

But I simply drop out and that’s disappointing.


Embracing the ordinariness of life – not chasing the extra-ordinary mountaintop experiences – is what I am drawn to.

And thinking. And reading. And writing. (I think this much is obvious.)

It’s an ordinary day at home, not quite like yesterday and it won’t be quite like tomorrow.

Yet, a profound ordinariness undergirds all these days, much like how what’s on the meal table changes but the rhythm of breakfast, lunch and dinner remains the same.

Sounds lovely to me.


P.S. The above photo features the chocolate chip cookies I baked! Glad that my parents likes the batch I gave them. 💗

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 9 months ago 

I believe that ordinary days which are just perfect can be lived out right here. Right where I am.

How wonderful, and how true! Love this post and the musings you've done! 💖

Hey @thekittygirl, thank you so much for your lovely encouragement and the @innerblocks curation! 💗

Making ones home their kingdom, no matter how big or small it is a place we find comfort from the madness outside the doors. Good reflection on how you feel @joeylim

Exactly! You hit the nail on the head. Thanks for dropping by @joanstewart 😇

I see all of this and yet I don’t see the same desires reflected in the watery mirrors of my own soul.

What a beautiful post. I loved reading all these reflections. We each must find our own peace, whatever that may be. I'm finding more contentment in home life. I'm not sure I would be happy with homesteading, but certainly the chasing of things in search of contentment doesn't seem to be a valuable exercise. I once had a friend whose basic quest was "what should I do at this moment to nurture my soul?" I have yearned to be like her all of my life!

Thanks for your kind words @jayna! 😊

I'm finding more contentment in home life.

Me too, in recent months. And what a wise friend you have! 😊

Hello Joey,

I'm one of the people who are after grandeur in life but in my case, society or any sort of public or private expectations are not at play. I am, in my sound mind and will, behind my decision, solely.

But I'm at the same time in love with an off-grid, self-sustainable life with everything's ordinary. I have seen the video of that woman and her family and it fills me with euphoria with the knowledge that at least someone is doing it.

What's hopeful is that — my sort of grandeur and the ordinary life is not entirely incompatible.

Thank you for this great post.

Hi @notacinephile, yes, and I wish you good success in all your endeavours! (:

It is not entirely incompatible - perhaps they can be fulfilled at different stages in your life.

Thank you for the tip! 😊

Can't they be achieved at the same time? I know I know, that scope is very narrow. For instance, being a writer doesn't require you to discard a healthy, natural life. And you could possibly carve your own name into the tablet of history, who knows!

Haha, I'm not that optimistic. But it's a possibility.

You are not alone. I work from home but do my very best to ensure that work and home are separated, including the physical location of where I work within my home.

I am by all definitions a "Homebody". There is a distaste for going out to stores or in public and only do so when I absolutely have to. When I do venture from the house without a true need it is usually to escape to the wild for some fishing or hunting with my youngest son. I am content with my small piece of the world and my small circle of neighbors.

This is not because I dislike people, but I just enjoy my home, after all, as you pointed out, it is what I am working for.

Hey @joebrochin, hi five! It's really nice to meet a fellow homebody (':

Yes, even the wild is like home in a sense - our primordial home.

Thanks for dropping by! ((:

No prob. Glad I found the post reblogged by @jayna.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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