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RE: An Ordinary Day

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You are not alone. I work from home but do my very best to ensure that work and home are separated, including the physical location of where I work within my home.

I am by all definitions a "Homebody". There is a distaste for going out to stores or in public and only do so when I absolutely have to. When I do venture from the house without a true need it is usually to escape to the wild for some fishing or hunting with my youngest son. I am content with my small piece of the world and my small circle of neighbors.

This is not because I dislike people, but I just enjoy my home, after all, as you pointed out, it is what I am working for.


Hey @joebrochin, hi five! It's really nice to meet a fellow homebody (':

Yes, even the wild is like home in a sense - our primordial home.

Thanks for dropping by! ((:

No prob. Glad I found the post reblogged by @jayna.