Dear Justin Sun – @justinsuntron AKA @justinsunsteemit - My @joanstewart open letter to you!

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Business At Hand - Steem / Tron


You arrived with a dream then shattered the dreams of many over the last month, Who is this person who caused mayhem to Steem blockchain community?

On reading your history, your intentions sounded much like ours, where did things go wrong?

"We will be the founders, builders and evangelists for a decentralised, autonomous ecosystem. It is time to return to that original intention, to continue on the path to creating an internet owned by the people, governed by the people and for the people" ~ Justin Sun, founder, blockchain-based currency platform, TRON

Who is: Justin Sun Yuchen - graduated from Hupan University in 2018 after finishing the three-year programme and submitting a thesis titled "The Birth of a Decentralized Internet", focused on the blockchain industry. No mention of your parents or siblings, you would have found a home and friends on the very blockchain you have hurt.

Some of your own words -

"In this sense, my start-up journey is an experiment in Hupan values [to improve society with moral integrity] and methodology [avert failure and take control of the future]. This was also a crucial time for self-development, where I would hone my business sensibilities as an entrepreneur."

Saddened by events revealed over the last month one really starts to try to understand the reasoning, I found none! You started out doing podcast-style shows, talking a very similar language blockchain people understand.

Buying Steemit, attached to epic Steem blockchain, then stumbling/stopping the chain with money you have ironically made from people online, or keen enough to venture into cryptocurrency space globally. Production and support is high on Steem blockchain, as are charity projects, something you mention in supporting charity.

If you have no intention of growing this space, perhaps sell it back to the community (discuss with Old Steem Witnesses), let us move forward!

Business is business, not growing a newly acquired business to say the least is confusing (even if purchased with hidden agendas on both sides), so in closing I will use a Chinese old saying: "One postponement causes a depletion of energy, the second postponement causes depletion of morale, and the final postponement causes death."

Look forward to your reply in anticipation,


Thank you @jaynie #PowerHouseCreatives Organized Team Work Supporting Steem Blockchain


Thought for Today: "Any weapon is dangerous even to a person handling it." ~ African Proverb

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Take a long walk.... Disappear. Go Away. Voetsek. Hamba. Gaan weg. Yiya kukude. Geh weg. umalis ka. Enough already!

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Very clear words.
Therefore a !BEER from me
Keep on doing the right things!!

We need our blockchain up and running, most important right now. Many are patiently waiting we need our space back to return to normal, even if we lose financially, take the hit now and then grow.

Fully agree and full support.

Hey @joanstewart, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks for the beer, need to get back on track, know I support at all times!

Thanks for the beer, need
To get back on track, know I
Support at all times!

                 - joanstewart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It's hard to tell who he is and who the rest of us are. If it comes to it most here only care about their own wallet.

I wonder what you would have done if you were a businessman, foreigner, invested and had a welcome as he had.
Did we already give him a chance to figure out, make a plan?

Why didn't the witnesses buy it from @ned in the first place or why not start something new.

We will or at least I will never hear the truth behind this because it's colored and not one single person here tried to see it through someone else's eyes.

If a factory or restaurant is sold it's no longer important what the first owner, the one who started it, his intentions were. It does not count any longer how hard the employees worked or what great dishes the chef cooked.

It makes me sad to see this platform die but it started over a year ago and it is what we did together and what happened in the past weeks isn't great advertising either.

I like your letter, the way you wrote it.
I hope it helps.


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When original documents are not available, grey areas pop-up, too much is assumed.

Better to hopefully overcome obstacle than throw new hurdles in the way.

Thanks for stopping and expressing your thoughts, many questions, to which we will never find answers.

We can only work together for a better future @wakeupkitty agree bad publicity is never good.

I hope soon it's all about positive vibes. Stay safe 💕

Looks like your wish is coming true 😂

Yes. Lucky me 😄

Sun has become insane

Totally agree with your sentiment.

A good message and well said

News on the horizon this morning sounds more positive in direction. Have a great day.

lets hope so I see talk of some starting a new blockchain, i dont see that as good news all the effort we have put inhere will be wasted

By what I read today, the move will be "lock stock and barrel", everything except those pre-mined Steem and Sun... Sounds good!

Yes I must admit that does sound good I had hoped a resolution could come with Steemit and Sub but seems that is never going to happen

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