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Greetings everyone, its another edition of the Hive Creative Contest focused on strength and weakness by @zord189. The question say I should write about my strength (2) and my weakness (2). I will start with my strength


My Strength

  • When I was younger, my elder sister would always want me to share my clothes and shoes with her but each time I request for hers she refuses. This always made me upset, but that didn't stop me from giving her access to my things. Then I always say to myself that when I grow up, I would buy a lot of things for myself and I wouldn't give her any, haha. After saying all those things, I end up giving her anything she ask for, funny right😀. I now realize that one of my strength is to forgive, it got to a stage whereby when someone offends me, which by right I'm supposed to be angry, I end up apologizing to the person in other for me to be in a good mood or not to be angry. I have studied myself and I don't like how I feel when I'm angry or even depressed so I try not to allow things get to me. Just like I don't like being angry, I don't like someone being upset or angry with me, so I'm quick to say I'm sorry at any time. The word sorry is an important word that shouldn't be scarce in our lips.

  • I'm not sure if this is supposed to be among my strength but I will love to here your take on this, I was discussing with my ex on what I'm good at and what not. I jokingly told him that I'm good at detecting errors, which was funny but true. When I was training on fashion designing, each time my colleagues makes a dress which looks so beautiful, I always spot an error somewhere in the dress. If its a serious one, I normally notify them but if its minor, I overlook it. This can also be said in terms of food, if there is an excess or less of an essential ingredient, I always take note. Relating this to my cake and pastry training, during my time there, I saw some errors that would be difficult to correct but in other for my colleagues to have a settled mind I had to tell them it was OK so everyone can be happy😉. I should stop here for now, my ex said I should work on it in terms of adding it to my career. So tell me, what do you think about this?

My Weakness

  • I love the fact that I'm quiet which give me the room to listen to others but that doesn't mean I don't talk at all, I do and I totally love to have fun but the part where I find to be my weakness is addressing crowd. I find it difficult each time and I find myself being nervous while doing it, I recall when I was to defend my project work, OMG!!! I just wished I could skip the defense but it was compulsory. I had to face my fears and do it, not minding the fact that I was always nervous facing crowd, I always find myself in some leadership position which involves crowd🤷🤔

  • When I was little I thought I was OK with heights but in recent time each time I find myself climbing something really high, I feel like I would fall from that height. Looking down from there was not always encouraging, I know its part of my weakness but I am working on changing it to be my strength.

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Good post, i like it, congratulations

Thank you

Wow this post was AMAZING!!! You really inspierd me .And every one has strengths and weakness! I no I have a lot . And I heard something about you and disining cloths?!? IM LITTERLY A FAN OF DISINING!!! I can disine houses rooms and even cloths too! I really like your post !have a good day!😄👗👒👖❤️

Thank for your kind words, I'm glad it inspired you. Do you make post of your designs?

thank you for sharing this side of you.... your words are eye opening

Thanks for your kind words, I'm happy to share

Having an eye for detail is very good. I'd love my errors pointed out instead of sugar coated with false compliments, I see people do that a lot and it's not nice

Its good to want to know the truth, it helps us grow and improve on ourselves. Thanks for your kind words

Nice post

Thank you

Facing crowds is a phobia I had, though I still have a little but I had come to acknowledge the fear, and focus on what I want to present than the thoughts of the crowd.

That's a good way to look at it, I will work with that hence forth

Acknowledging weakness can be a touch traumatic for certain personality types for sure. Knowing that we have as many strengths is great and that we can improve our weaknesses leads to personal progress.

We grow the most when we are outside of our comfort zone and acknowledging weakness is great for that.

Awesome post!

That's totally true, I have come to acknowledge most of my weakness and I'm also working the best I can to improve on myself. It can be scaring at first but its a work in progress

Nice way expressing how you know yourself @jizzyjoe keep true to yourself always.

Thanks, will definitely do