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RE: Caturday - photography.

I LOVE me some cats @hope777. Rosy reminds me of my cat Tripper, who was a polydactyl. His coloring and markings were almost exactly the same though. I coaxed him out of the woods behind our house. At first he wouldn't let me do anything, but I am loving and persistent.
I love your post my friend


Yes, we too love cats. Thank you for telling me about the polydactyl. I did not know about it. It's so interesting that the Ginger Cats can look so much alike. I am glad you could coach him out of the woods.
We moved 2 months ago and Rooies keep on going back to our previous house/area and he have to go over the Lagoon via the bridge it's just amazing.
He dissappeared again yesterday.
I am glad you enjoyed my post.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Rooies was born with you right? I think he should come back to you, although he may not survive crossing the bridge many times.
Get him home (to the new location) and have him neutered. He should stay put then (after he forgives you that is 🤓 )
Ernest Hemingway was famous for adopting polydactyl cats, his home on Key West Florida to this day has a population of them

Yes, Rooies was born in our home and he was neutered just after we have moved about a month and a half ago. I have asked people at the old house and neighborhood to look out for him. Quite a bit of rain forecasted. The bridge he travelled over is luckily only for pedestrians. I think it will get better each time he came home. The 2nd time he stayed longer. Maybe 3rd time lucky.
Hopefully the last of his male hormones is getting out of his system.
Interesting facts about Ernest Hemmingway's home and his love for polydactyl cats.
Good luck for the new week. 🌟💫⭐