Who do I Follow on Steem & Why? - A @theycallmedan Initiative

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Just last week I wrote two separate “ramble” posts – one in which I briefly mentioned the definite “shift” in the way Steem is operating and heading and my positive thoughts behind it, and the other where I touched on the fact that the levels of engagement seem to have dropped and wanted to gain some feedback and opinion from those around me on the matter. Ironically, that post had a really great level of engagement on it haha – which tells me one thing… people are noticing the same thing and all had varying opinions about it – all of which were pretty accurate. Then earlier today I caught wind of @denmarkguy’s post contribution to @theycallmedan’s Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why – Initiative and my immediate thought was… “what a perfect way in which this “positive shift” and direction change can be put into action – by connecting more great content producers via the sharing of others!”

Yes, there may be less “activity” in terms of blog posts being produced, but in saying that I will add that from what I can tell, there is also a lot less “fluff” floating down my feed too – so being able to participate in an initiative like this is a great opportunity for all of us to add even more quality and activity to our feeds by way of exploring all the posts submitted in this initiative. Yes, sure… some of the people we will know – but there will no doubt be new great discoveries made along the way too, which I think is a FANTASTIC way to spur new enthusiasm to all and ultimately pushing us in the positive direction that we want to be heading!

In the almost three years that I have been here, I have followed and unfollowed many – and I think it is safe to say that each and every interaction has impacted my experience here in one way or another, but there are certain individuals that are great constants in my Steem journey, for which I am incredibly grateful. Some I have only met recently and others have been along for the ride pretty much the entire time… So, in no particular order here are some of my favourite Steem peeps.

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Zord has got to be one of the most beautiful Steemians I have ever met and over the last few years has not only become a blog I follow, but one of my dearest friends! We actually met randomly in some discord server when I was looking for someone to assist me with a motivational quote bot for my newly formed PHC community server. Zord popped up out of nowhere and offered to help and the rest was history. Within minutes we were chatting and laughing our heads off, so much so that the laughter brought me to tears. We just GET each other and can spend HOURS laughing over, well… nothing! Haha! Zord then joined our PHC community and has been my right hand man ever since. He has been pivotal in the success of our community and is my BALANCE – something which we ALL need! We have shared so much together it would be impossible to recall… but not only would my Steem experience be completely incomplete without him… but so would my REAL WORLD! Not only is Zord ALWAYS extending his hand to help people left, right and centre… but he is also an AMAZING animator and has worked on some mind blowing projects – including things that some of your kids are watching on TV. His blog shares his animation journey, LOADS of food (which is just up my alley) as well as snippets of his personal journey and life in general. He also designs some REALLY awesome footer banners for Steemians and is the creative brain behind many of the logos floating around on Steem. Zord has an unconditional heart and is not known as our “always there bear” for no reason!

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Another Steem member that has been a part of PHC pretty much since it’s inception. In fact she remembers when it was founded and I didn’t hahahaha!!! Yes hon, I checked your footer for reference to that just the other day haha! If you are on Steem and you do not know thekittygirl then you are doing it all wrong! Another die hard and tireless woman who simply does nothing but give and give and give! She is in every community, on every server and is 200% on the ball ALL of the time! If there is a problem, a query… whatever… thekittygirl is there to help – no matter what! Whilst not the biggest talker, she is greatly expressive of her passions on her blog and despite her quiet and gentle manner… she has a wicked sense of humour! A lover of the unique… with gem collections, coin collections and a passion for photographing old barns - her blog shares wonderful slices of her life and I am captivated by her passions. Just this morning I was an idiot and did something REAAALLY stupid and who was there DM’ing me… yip! Love you hon… Steem would be a VERY MUCH poorer place without you!

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I don’t think there are many people around here that have not yet been privy to this mans completely one of a kind approach to finding the humour in all things “life”. I began following @meesterboom shortly after joining Steem and I can vividly recall asking if he was South African, as his username made me think it was possible… but instead I discovered that he was a Scotsman with a great love for beer and wit! I can say without hesitation that I have NEVER read a boring blog post from meesterboom… in fact, there have been many days where I have been feeling less than chipper and have completely shifted gears after getting a good giggle from one of his posts. Not only is his blog a laugh a line, but I have also discovered that beyond the humour is a man who always does his level best to keep the mood pleasant. This is probably most noticeable to those that are on the Steem telegram group where pretty much 24 hours a day you will find meesterboom cheerfully engaging, sometimes with the most hostile of individuals lol. It is an admirable trait (which many of us lack) and he is one hell of a guy! My feed would be poorer without his candid humour.

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And no, this is not a reciprocal thing for his mention of me in his submission lol… no. Denmarkguy and I also met a very very long time ago on Steem. He is also probably one of my oldest PHC members (second to @thekittygirl haha). Much like @meesterboom, but with a completely different approach, denmarkguy mostly write about life and it’s experiences but from an incredibly elegant, thought provoking and philosophical level. I have forever been in awe of how he manages to spin off several posts a day without ever wavering on depth or quality. Denmarkguy has pretty much been a part of my journey here since the beginning and has therefore known about some of the many mountains I have been faced with from a Steem perspective but also as an individual and he has ALWAYS been there to encourage, console and uplift me (as well as many others) when it was needed most and I am eternally grateful for that. We also both share a great love of music and have shared many a track to and fro! Denmarkguy is one of those “always there” friends that will pop up when least expected! Anybody who has had the pleasure of getting to know both the man and the blog will know what I am talking about.

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Miss 4 oclocky herself! Another completely selfless Steemian packed with dynamite! Her blog is NEVER dull and neither is she! Our resident blonde bombshell… my Steem feed would be so boring without the daily shares from this beautiful woman! She shoots from the hip, says it like it is and has been a complete pillar of strength for me over this last year. The kind of woman I aspire to be, Britt does it all…. LIKE A BOSS! Again, a beautiful soul that through our blog banter and community sharing we have become great friends! It would be first prize if we could actually meet one day… because THAT will be one heck of a party!!! Hahaha!!!

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I am starting to notice a trend in all the people I gravitate towards…. Because Denise is yet another Steemian who spreads love and light wherever she goes! Her blog is overflowing with positivity and kindness and she shares that all over the place! Her whimsical and poetic posts which share her thoughts and gratitude for so many things in life, as well as her amazing photography and her love for flowers – which as a fellow green fingers and wannabe photographer myself – I can never get enough of! Denise has a heart of gold and she wears it on her sleeve which I absolutely love about her! The world be a better place if we had more dswigles xxx

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I absolutely LOVE this mans blog! Between his “urban explorer” series and his “true stories” initiative his blog is jam packed with awesomeness, and although I have followed him for quite a long time – strangely enough it is only recently that I have started to see his content popping up on my feed… perhaps because there are a lot less people posting… I am not sure, but I am glad he has because I absolutely LOVE his content… and so will you!

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Another completely beautiful soul on this network and if you love good photography with a quirky and fun story… you will love his blog! A fellow South African and an amazing man who gives of himself every single day for the betterment of humankind. We have come to know one another well over the last couple of years and again… another valuable friendship which has grown because of this blockchain!

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Not the most frequent post creator, and a man of few words… but when he does write, he makes sure it counts… he is also a man who became a very good friend of mine right from the beginning of my Steem journey. He has guided me, advised me, helped both myself and my community (as well as countless others) and despite all the flack he has received over time for @appreciator – ANYONE who has taken the time to get to know the man behind the bot will know… he repeatedly gives of himself and his time to help others. He also actively supports many communities, their projects and initiatives. There have been many times over the last few years where I can honestly say that I would have been in a complete lost panic if it had not been for the guidance and help I have received from bluemist. Through these engagements we became very good friends and have pretty much shared everything with one another both on and off the blockchain. This is one of those “once in a lifetime” kinds of friendships and one which I value enormously!

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At the risk of sounding cliché in adding you to this list Dan lol – you are in fact one of the people I actively follow and for very good reason! As anyone else will no doubt testify to… your sheer positive hunger for this platform is nothing short of contagious and I literally LIVE for that kind of mentality which I think you have gathered by now. You send waves of positivity throughout this platform every single day and not in a cheesy or sugar coated approach either…. No – you too, shoot from the hip and say it like it is and I love that about you and your blog! You manage to put firecrackers up peoples arses without them even realising it and that is a gift!

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Damn… there are so many more people I would like to highlight because if I am honest… I cannot think of a single solitary person that I follow and engage with that I don’t absolutely adore! They ALL impact my life on a daily basis because we spend our days sharing with one another and it is impossible not to form bonds with each other… but I have already crossed the suggested mark of three people lol… so I will stop at 10… with a quick mention of some others and one last testament…

Like I said, I cannot possibly show appreciation to all the amazing people around here that I love to read content from and engage with on a daily basis… in one single post but a few others that I also REALLY love to follow are @joanstewart, @lizelle, @gooddream, @wwwiebe, @abitcoinskeptic, @wesphilbin,@birdsinparadise, @blueeyes8960,@watersnake101, @owasco, @fmbs25, @justclickindiva, @priyanarc, @prettynicevideo, @pennsif, @oldguyphotos, @jayna, @zekepickleman… and the list goes on! Haha!

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And last but not least… as everything remains on the blockchain forever, I figure everyone can still have the opportunity to enjoy his amazing pieces of work… a man who is sadly no longer with us… Dean Moriarty (@wales) who was the most brilliant photographer, writer and poet and someone I considered a VERY good friend! We connected right from the time we met and whilst many found him frustrating because they didn’t grasp the way his mind ticked… I did and therefore I had a level of patience with him which I know he valued greatly. He impacted my life in so many ways and I have yet to stop crying over his sudden passing… but, he will forever be in my heart and I am very pleased to say that I managed to locate his son and we have been speaking. Understanding that he has just gone through the loss of his father, we have been “gently” discussing bringing him back to Steem and he has already joined our PHC community so that will be amazing!!! He knows how much his dad was loved within our space and I think he feels somewhat “at home” in our space which is wonderful!

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Well, there you have it! As usual I probably over did it… but hey… that’s me! I am as me as me can be! Looking forward to reading more of these posts and forming some new friendships!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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What a great post. I really enjoyed reading about all these awesome steemians. Probably found a couple I had missed along my journey.

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it and happy to have introduced you to some more amazing people around here!

Awesome post! Most of them I already knew and love their content too, but you also had some new great recommendations! I love the idea of this challenge and I will read all of them. Is there a certain hashtag for it, because it would be great to have one :)
Steem on and stay like you are! ღ

Thank you for the wonderful feedback @tabea and I am glad you found some new awesome people to connect with! :) and yes... the tag is #steemimpact

xxx Have yourself a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday xxx

Great choices of friends you got there..

I agree hehe, thanks :)

Its a good experience and sharing steem knowledge through the article, lot of meaning full thought here.

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Thank you, I appreciate the positive feedback :)

It’s a cool list you made there. Some great inspiration too thanks 🙏❤️

Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed them!

Great list. Some really good ones that I enjoy myself :)

Yes, all fantabulous individuals :D

OMG, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on who and why you follow people on Steem. I was blown away to see my name on the list.

I truly appreciate your candidness in why you spend your time engaging with the individuals above you selected to highlight. I can see from your synopsis of their impact and work, how you feel about their journey on Steem. From your description of them, I'm going to check those individuals' profile and see what they are passionate about.

I'm proud to be among the authors on Steem you take the time to engage with. It has been a pleasure ever since I joined PHC. I've never regretted that decision.

I appreciate your support and encouragement on journey on Steem as well. Take care, and have a great day.

What a lovely comment @justclickindiva!!! And there is absolutely NO reason why you should be surprised to see your name there. From the DAY you hopped on to our server, I knew I would enjoy your blog... and I do! I also love your fun loving nature... you are an incredibly approachable person which is why you are so well liked... not like me hey @zekepickleman hahahahaha!!!!!

I really do hope you go and check out some of those authors, I am certain you will love their blogs!

As for PHC, I am thrilled that you are happy within our space and I will add this - it is a richer place with your presence too!

MWAH! xxx

I also love @papilloncharity !💞💚💛

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Very hard not to love him... right?! :)

That’s an awesomely fascinating list of bloggers. I follow some of the same ones. I should get to work on my post about this topic tomorrow 🙃 Have a great night!

Yes, they are all super duper people! Looking forward to seeing your list too :)

Beautifully written dear and thanks for the mention, well my list is really long but I don't know how I will write a complete post. Really we met amazing people here..

My pleasure honey! Love your blogs and your vlogs! And yes there are so so many fantastical people around here.

beautiful post and nice

Thank you :)

That is a beautiful tribute to a lot of wonderful people, @jaynie, especially your buddy @wales, may he rest in peace. Thank you for being such a strong community builder, supporter, motivator and leader!

Thank you love, I appreciate that :) and thank you too for being the beautifully kind soul that you are! I really am surrounded by the most amazing people! - In fact, we ALL are!

I am thankful for it every day!

Now I know that I will be in trouble if I don't comment on this honor to be included in your list @jaynie
In trouble with myself of course!
You certainly have become a good friend and I admire your "getup and go" attitude. You have also made PHC a great place to be here and I know that it will continue to grow.
We have both been through a lot in life, as have most of the others here, but together we can blend our experiences to make #steemit the ideal place that we all want it to be. A place where people care for and support each other.

Yes, I am not going to say that the income is not important, especially with our needs at the Papillon charity, but there are more important things in life such as being kind to each other in this short journey through life.
I am humbled by your mention here and we want to thank for thinking of @papilloncharity

All blessings to you and yours!

It is my absolute pleasure @papilloncharity and the honour is mine in being able to call you a friend. You are always there with your amazing words of wisdom and I love that about you!

Be assured that I also love your fighting, yet kind spirit @jainie and that's how life shapes us. Many more hurts and laughs to come, but you have the pizazz to get through it all. And to come out whole on the other side.
Blessings to you and yours!

Pizazz! I like that :)

👌 ❤️ 👌

Thanks for the mention, though I don't know how many more #truestories I have left in the bag!

When you see, 'Walking the Dog in the Rain (Part One)', you know I scraping the bottom of the barrel ;)

My pleasure! and as for the stories... well, as long as you are alive and kicking... new stories will come haha!!!

They will.. but I don't want @jaynie asleep when reading!

LOL!!! HIGHLY unlikely! :D

sir you are also my favorite best of luck

the way you described them is inspiring and i'll check some of them out, thanks!

Thank you for that positive response and yes, I hope you do! You are sure to love them all! :)

Beautiful post @jaynie. I have communicated with all those fabulous Steemians mentioned. 💗

Fabulous to hear! :D

Excellent selection of friends to follow @jaynie

Yes they are all MARVELOUS beings - just like you too @oneray!

My goal is to be as wonderful as the smallest of you.
Thank you for so much knowledge and experiences that you share in each post.

You already are :)


My pleasure :)

Congratulations @jaynie!
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That is awesome, thank you so much!

A blog "written as a book", is a Romanian expression (That means it's very good, perfect). I'm glad that we have a common favorite, I think it would be interesting to see who received the most nominations!

Oh yes that would be very interesting :)

I am glad to be on your list of followers. Took me long enough to reply because I am still not sure how to reply because you have that kryptonite effect which you know already, lol
That feeling is totally mutual, I am grateful to have found you and you are definitely the 'One in All' for me.

So what happens when two people are each others kryptonite?


well, well, well...

You and I are in the same circles for sure. Such great people behind those blogs and I think I must follow them all.

So proud to be included too!

I have to make one of those posts as well because I know the most interesting and informative bunch of weirdos this blockchain has to offer!

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Love me some weirdos!!! Hahaha looking forward to being introduced to them all!!

What a wonderful response, I've also loved discovering some wonderful people to follow by reading some of the entries.
Honoured to get a mention here but like you I also have met many many wonderful people, could not mention them all!
You are a special soul @jaynie!

If I were to attempt to mention them all - I would still be writing hahahaha!!!

And thank you for your kind hearted words @lizelle xxx

This was a great list. Some of them I checked and followed.

I am very happy to hear that :)

I like love your our neighborhood @jaynie!

I read down your list... and funny how I know every single one of these people, all such an integral part of the positive side of our community.

I feel humbled by your kind words... and I feel deeply appreciative of your friendship. You're a beautiful soul, and thank you for... BEING.


Thank you for you too :)

!giphy virtual+hug

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

There's a great collection of people here @jaynie. I am honored to be among them, truly, and the feeling is mutual for sure. xo

Thanks so much for the mention!! :D You follow some great ones. Seeing @wales reminds me that time keeps marching along, and how much we lose when we lose someone. Of course this week it was @onceuponatime... Gone too soon.

My pleasure hon! You have a great blog... always something fun and interesting to read or listen to! Yeah.... I was thinking about hi again earlier today when I saw one of the resteems I did on a post of his :(