TRACK OF THE WEEK! (2020 ROUND 4) - Share your TUNES and WIN the post earnings! (Last weeks winner @idig received 9.851 STEEM)

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Welcome to the "TRACK OF THE WEEK CONTEST!" where you share the music you love & stand a chance to win some STEEM - as well as discovering some AMAZING TUNES from around the world!


2020 ROUND 4 (Closes 11am UTC 6th Feb)


After 7 days I will decide which track I like the most! The winning track selected (by me) will win all the liquid earnings that this post accumulates and the confirmation of funds transfer will be shared in the following round.


All you have to do is share a link in the comments to a song that you are really enjoying at the moment - whether it is new or old it does not matter and neither does the music genre... whether you have loved it your entire life or just for a day is irrelevant! just NO personal promo links please! And please do not look at MY track genre selection as a guide to what you should or should not share... I have an incredibly eclectic taste in music and will no doubt continue to shock most of you as the weekly rounds unfold haha!


Right! With the logistics out the way... let's get to it!


which is of no consequence really haha - but what fun would it be if I didn't get to share with you all as well!






This song had me in the first 10 seconds - I just knew it was going to be good... and it was! SUPER SHARE! I have added it to my playlist!


This week, I would also like to make two


***These two tracks were both submissions in the last round and they are both AWESOME!!!!

@isaria - who's track was submitted by @denmarkguy

and @theturtleproject - who's track was submitted by @atomcollector





To all of you that entered round three... DAMN you made my life difficult haha!! LOVED EVERY MINUTE! There were SO MANY fantastic entries and my playlist has some fantastic new gems now so thank you! Hope to see you all participate again this week!

@isaria, @theturtleproject, @denmarkguy, @atomcollector, @free-reign, @dswigle, @dexpartacus, @krazytrukker, @idig, @manoldonchev, @trincowski, @wwwiebe, @justclickindiva, @dmilliz, @wesphilbin, @bluemoon, @redheadpei, @lymepoet, @joanstewart, @carolinacardoza, @mondoshawan, @ninahaskin, @old-guy-photos, @insense


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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@IDIG That is a very cool song you shared! I love it. @jaynie you chose the best JAHM for sure:)

Thanks! Yes I loved it!

and I'm back with my singing this week with a new piece of music that I love and I listen to every chance I get.

What a lovely track! I have added it to my playlist :)

Back to this one with a deeper understanding than I originally had--not so negative as one might first experience the lyrics.

awesome song! Very unique! Love the combination of their voices!

I'm loving this comment feed very musical 👍🏾 $trdo !DERANGED

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Thanks :) Yes it is loads of sun seeing all the submissions from different people :)


Always love seeing what music you have for us.

Scott and I have been searching for songs we can sing together and not have to think about trying to harmonize. We seem to always beable to do this with Don Williams. Yesterday on the road we sang to his "You're My Best Friend" and it was wonderful.

He hon :) The entries have closed for this round. Am about to publish the new round... save this for the new one xxx

Hey this is a great idea!

Here is my entry:

Yes it is always great to see what other people enjoy listening to! Glad you like the contest and thanks for the awesome submission! It reminds me a little bit of the EARLIER stuff from Prodigy...

Thanks to those who proposed these songs. They were inspired and brought new music to our ears. Congratulations on their choice!
Although I understand that it may be more interesting to propose new music, new and unknown songs, I continue with my old music, my memories and obsessions. Mother / John Lennon!
It can be said that songs are too well known and may be perceived as commercial music, but they aren't. There are legends!

You will be amazed what people have NOT heard! Most of the stuff I love and share is old :) So nothing wrong with that... and this is SUCH a beautiful song... which I have NEVER heard, even though I love John Lennon.

This is what I enjoy very much. I know you like good music, no matter how old, but as for wine, the old one is better. "Mother" is less known and broadcast, it means that this blog of yours does something useful, it helps us to listen to a lot of music that we didn't know.

Yay! I've been waiting for this one.

Congrats @idig! Great song!

What a LEKKER Friday track! Have added it to my playlist!

hey guys! I'm absolutely in love with this band and this song. hope You like it:

Sounds great :)

Awesome! Love it! - Remind me a little of "the Doors" - not sure why haha!

Your track rocks for this week. Never heard of them ty. (Just listened)

Glad you enjoyed it :D It is so much fun discovering new tunes!

Totally Agree 😊

Cody Jinks- hippies & cowboys

You have such awesome choices! Another awesome one which I have added to my playlist!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Hi @jaynie, I just saw this and thought to share this song ..Memories by Marroon5

I hope you like it..😃

Excellent Selection!!! I absolutely LOVE this song... in fact I love all their music :)

First time I see the singer of this song that I have known for ages... lol

That's happened to me with songs I've heard but never saw the bands doing them until years later. When that happens to me it can get me interested in the song all over again.

Thanks for reading! Sorry my reply is so late.

No worries about it. We all have a life outside Steemit. Have a nice weekend!

Roxy music absolutely awesome!

Bryan Ferry another amazing musician massive influence in music world.

Indeed! I really love their sound and Bryan's voice is so mellow and unique.

OH WOW!!!! What a blast from the past! I can remember my "then teen brother" blaring this from his bedroom when I was a tween hehe :) Great choice!

I can picture that scenario from my past, except my sister was older and she was blaring the music from her bedroom while I'd be in my bedroom tearing some electronic thing apart and using the parts to build an amplifier or something. ;) I've always loved Roxy's sound!

hahahaha!!!! Oh the good 'ol days :D

Grew up with these guys. Went to school with them. Known them all my life. Bought my Harley from the Founder & Lead Singer Rick Magee. "Big" Dave Brunn (Bass) Bill "Gypsy" Crucian (Drums) They are just great, down to earth guys. Been to over a thousand of thier shows in the last 35 years.

Not a Promo, just a good song. From a good hometown, homegrown blues band.

Nothing beats a bit of upbeat blues! Especially on a FRIDAY!!! :D They are indeed awesome! Real "feel good music".

Here's a multi skilled Canadian artist who worked on Celine Dion's '98 world tour as a pianist and who had his own variety show, + a radio show on CBC.

Oh he ha such an amazing voice! Lovely song! Great share hon :)

Wow thank you @jaynie 😁😊. I love "Stick Figure ".

Only a pleasure! It was a super track!

Great choice!😀👏
This is my week entry, I hope you will enjoy it!

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Wow never heard of this, really enjoy box guitar being used to speak to you in this way.

Yeah! They are great!

This is BRILLIANT!!! Damn some people are so talented!

You're right, they really are!!

Congratulations to @idig for your win. Nice song. And congratulations to all the participants who took the time to share their songs. Incredible music I wouldn't have otherwise listened to.

On track... Off track, these guys rock you. Who remembers JJ Cale with Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton with JJ Cale - Anyway The Wind Blows (Live From San Diego)

Personally I always felt JJ Cale never gained recognition he deserved.

I agree with you re. JJ Cale! Both legends!

A lot of pieces of music actually became famous (again) after their inclusion in Q.T. movies :)

Oh man.... how many times this playlist has been on repeat over the years haha! Awesome track!

Right? Chill on :)

Hi @jaynie. Last week you gave me a "melt in your mouth" pork loin. This week, I'm giving you a "meltdown in your soul" tune by one of my oldie favorite male vocalists, Peabo Bryson.


What a beautifully soulful song! Lovely share hon!

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I hear this song every night. I got so much emotional by thinking about these lyrics!

Darling you are perfect tonight!

It is such a beautiful song! Love all his music!

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As a gold member a Golden oldy

haha perfect for a goldie! What a classic! Hope you are enjoying the ski trip.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

hi jaynie. i love dance music, so i'll go with this one:
Diplo & Sleepy Tom - Be Right There

I also enjoy dance music and this was very cool. Nice and upbeat!

The acoustic sound of James Hetfield from Metallica

OH MAN! What a CLASSIC!!!!!! It doesn't get better than this. These guys are such legends. Would love to have seen them live.

My Entry:

This is one of my all time favourites!

Here my participation; this song brings to my mind beautiful memories:

This is probably one of the most timeless songs of all time! How can you NOT love this!

Here's my choice for this week - Sara Bareilles singing Gravity. I debated selecting the version she sings with Sir Elton John, but this one wins. It's the better track!

aaah what a beautiful song!!!! She has such a soulful voice!

I just love how chill this song is

Oh yes!!!! I have heard this a few times and added it to my playlist the very first time I did! They are brilliant!