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BEAUTY from ABUSE - #showcase-sunday

in hive-114105 •  4 months ago 

ooooh ok, I see the problem. It is meant to be singular, not plural... ie. lifestyle.

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Yes, when I went to use if last night (as the first tag) it popped out with the choice of lifestyleS or "lifestyle-tribe" so I chose that one. It changed color, and the "tribe" dropped off.
Thanks @jaynie

Woohoooo!!!! Glad you got it all sorted Jerry :)

Woohoooo!!!! Glad you got it all sorted Jerry :)

That was a very short lived victory, then last night and today, the place is upside-down once more, with communities, tribes, notifications and more piling over my head.

Now I find that in the last three days, I am not being rewarded in STEEM any more, only SP and SBD, so I will have to convert something so I'll have STEEM to power up come SPUD Day.
Over and over the place is turned upside down, and it never seems consistent or better Not to me anyway